The Road To Rosslyn (featuring Julienne Taylor)

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(June 2006) 21 tracks (150 mins)

Double CD.

A unique blend of Celtic, classical and popular music inspired by the Celtic connection to Leonardo Da Vinci and The Holy Grail, as portrayed in The Da Vinci Code.

Featuring Elton John and Bernie Taupin's classic Your Song performed by Julienne Taylor with Gregorian voice accompaniment.

CD1: Rosslyn Chapel * Meditation * Caledonia * The Crypt of Knights Templar * Leonardo Da Vinci's Secret * Let It Be * The Road To Rosslyn * Amazing Grace * Nimrod * Eden * Flowers Of The Forest * To A Wild Rose * Land O' The Leal * The Last Supper * My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose / The Rosebud / Ae Fond Kiss * The Holy Grail * Ave Maria * I Will Protect You * Hasten And Come With Me * God Only Knows * The Priory Of Sion * Adagio In G Minor * Abide With Me.

CD 2: Celtic Crosses * Your Song * Carnival Of The Swans * Opus Dei * Panis Angelicus * In My Life * The Eyes Of Mona Lisa * Intermezzo * Eden * Last Moments: The Lord Is My Shepherd * The Dark Island * Gymnopedie * The Rose Of Rosslyn * Song To The Siren * Canon * Ye Banks And Braes * Turn Out The Light * The Lea Rig * Because * Amazing Grace * The Holy Grail.

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