Various Artists - Back On The Floor

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October 2021
17 Tracks: Alive (Skipinnish) * Crossing The Minch (Face The West) * Eval (The Band from Rockall) * Murron And Machair's Waltz (Archie MacFarlane) * Far Side Of The World (Tide Lines) * Barn Dance Bernaray Style (Alex MacDonald And Paul MacLean) *Oran Chalum Sgaire (Rachel Walker) * Dark Eyes ( Donnie Munro) * The Wee BB / Aonghas An Cu (Archie MacFarlane) * Western Isles (Peat & Diesel) * Hebridean Strip The Willow (Fergie MacDonald) * Tuireadh Bard Thurnaig (Kathleen MacInnes) * The Story (BeinnLee) * Ally Bally Jigs (Archie & Farquhar) * Close To home (Trail West featuring Malcolm Jones) * The Old Ghost's Waltz (Archie MacFarlane) * The Old Ghost's Waltz -reprise (Isy MacLean).

An excellent compilation CD from a wide array of some of the best musicians, bands and singers from the Western Isles & Highlands & Islands.

The proceeds from this album will be donated to the Kidney Patients Association of the Western Isles & Highlands & Islands.

" With grateful thanks to all who donated their music. Thanks also to Joe Peat, Sandy Brechin. Phil Cunningham and to all those involved in the recording and production of the new tracks. A truly special thanks to Archie for taking this on, exceeding my expectations with his creativity in pulling it all together, on top of his lovely music. There is nothing better than crossing the Minch, preferably on a calm day and going either way between Skye and the Western Isles, my two favourite places in the world. I hope you enjoy the ceilidh!" Karen Nicolson, Isle Of Skye.

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