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(April 2005) 17 tracks

This recording was produced for the sole purpose of raising funds for the Barra Hospice Appeal - proceeds will go towards the building of a hospice in Barra - and features studio recordings plus tracks from existing albums.

Featuring Karen Matheson, The Vatersay Boys, Catherine-Ann MacPhee, Flora MacNeil, Maggie MacInnes, Coma-Co-Dhiubh, the waulking group Clo Nan Nighean, Chrissie Macdonald, Maeve MacKinnon, sisters Catriona and Lisa MacKinnon, Mod gold medallist Archie MacLean and ceilidh favourite Murdo MacDonald, and Roddy, Rory and Marianne Campbell.

Instrumental support is provided by Neil Johnstone (cello), Roddy Campbell (whistle, flute), ex-Simple Minds Mick MacNeil (accordion, keyboard), Donnie MacNeil (percussion) and Lisa MacKinnon (clarsach).

Back to Barra is a rich compilation of some of the best music the Gaelic world has to offer, vocally or instrumentally. With such a wide variety of sounds and moods its awareness of past musical norms is balanced by the youthful vigour of folk-rock and pop influences, reflecting the fact that Gaelic music, like every other form of music, does not remain static, but moves with the times.

A bonus video version of Roddy Campbell's Theid mi Bharraigh brings the glorious scenery of the Western Isles to your computer screen while you listen to the song.

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