An t-Eilean (The Island)

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(April 2005) 14 tracks: Skye Pioneers * Eilean an àigh (Isle of Contentment) * Imrich nan Eileanach (Emigration of the Islanders) * Pipe Set * The Sailing * The Selkirk Settlers * 'S gann gun dìrich mi chaoidh (It is unlikely that I will climb again) * The Ship's Set * Sugar from Trees * Cumha Crann nan Teud (Lament for the Harp Key) * The Skye Suite * Saors' agus Sìth (Freedom and Peace) * An t-Eilean (The Island).

A musical celebration of connections between Skye and Raasay in Scotland, and Prince Edward Island.

The stunning music on this album came about through a collaborative commemoration in 2003 of the emigration of around 800 Skye and Raasay people in 1803. The emigrants were part of a scheme engineered by Lord Selkirk, and were bound for Prince Edward Island in Canada.

A poem by one of the emigrants, Calum Buchanan, composed in Gaelic and still in current usage, provided the inspiration for many of the new compositions which you will hear.

Featuring Anne Martin, Blair Douglas, Emma Swinnerton, John Lamond, Neil Campbell, Eilidh Macleod, Angus MacKenzie, Roy Johnstone and Steve Sharratt.

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