The Rough Guide To Celtic Music (Special Edition)

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(May 2016)

CD1: 13 Tracks: S'Och A' Dhomhnaill Oig Ghaolaich Waulking Song (Capercaillie) * Slave's Lament (Chantan) * Trip To Kareol (Solas) * Rushin’ Dressing / The Quitter / Remove The Rug (Liz Carroll And John Doyle) * Caitlin Triall (Altan) * The Butcher Boy (Grada) * Johnny, Lovely Johnny (Cara Dillon) * Bound For Botany Bay (John Doyle) * Highlander’s Farewell (Alasdair Fraser And Natalie Haas) * Room With A View (Old Blind Dogs) * Shediac Bridge (Vishten) * L’angelique (Yann-Fanch Kemener And Aldo Ripoche) * Llanw Chwant (Flynnon).

Bonus CD Dalla Rooz: 10 Tracks: Dean Younk A Gernow (Young Man Of Cornwall) * Tane An Gove (The Smith's Fire) * Bal Maidens' Chant * King Of Sweden * Can Dilly (Dilly Song) * Tansys Golowan (Midsummer Bonfire) * Crantock Games * Descent * Seventeen Come Sunday * Hernen Rooz (Red Herring).

This Rough Guide includes old folk lullabies, work songs and contemporary compositions from leading Celtic artists.

Includes a bonus CD by Dalla, a remarkable five piece band the first Supergroup in Cornish Celtic music.

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