The Complete Songs Of Robert Tannahill vol 4

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(February 2017)

20 Tracks: Thou Bonnie Wood O Craigielea (Claire Hastings) * Fickle Freenship An Caul Misfortune (Rod Paterson) * Return O Gallant Sons / Ma Days Hae Flow / Weep Not My Love (Fiona Hunter) * Shelah, My Darling (Brian O hEadhra) * Unrequited Love / The Fareweel (Claire Hastings) * The Worn Sodger (Ross Kennedy) * Companion Of My Youthful Sports (Fiona Hunter)* Killoch Burn / Ye Dear Romantic Shades (Wendy Weatherby) * The Wandering Bard (Claire Hastings) * Loudon's Bonnie Woods And Braes (Rod Paterson) * From the Rude Bustling Camp (Ross Kennedy) * Laddie, Can Ye Lea Me / O How Can Ye Gang Laddie? (Fiona Hunter)* Awake My Harp (Brian O hEadhra) * Ye Wooer Lads (Rod Paterson) * Ma Ain Kind Dearie O / Fair-Hair 'D Nannie, O (Wendy Weatherby) * The Irish Farmer (Brian O hEadhra) * The Recruiting Service Drum (Fred Freeman) / Tribute To Nick Keir (Nick Keir) * Green Inismore (Brian O hEadhra) * Faithful Ellen More (Ross Kennedy)* The Banks O Spey (Claire Hastings).

The fourth and penultimate volume celebrating the work of poet and songwriter Robert Tannahill.

This collection reflects the breadth of influence that informed the Paisley weaver/poet's compositions, including elements of Irish, Jewish and baroque music.

As ever, these are married with Freeman's fresh contemporary approach to arrangement and performance, as reflected in his top-drawer musical cast. Singers include Fiona Hunter, Rod Paterson, Claire Hastings, Ross Kennedy, John Morran, Wendy Weatherby and Brian Ó hEadhra, accompanied by the first class instrumental line-up of Aaron Jones, Sandy Brechin, Angus Lyon, Marc Duff, Stewart Hardy, Frank McLaughlin and Adam Bulley.

"Fred and co have brought the Tannahill songs right back to life…as authentic and fresh as the day they were conceived…flavours of jazz, blues, swing, klezmer and the odd Russian folk tune: the end result being a very thoughtful, respectful an brilliantly executed collection of songs, with beautifully captured vocal performances. I'm sure Robert Tannahill would have it no other way." Ali Hutton (Old Blind Dogs)

"Very impressed with the musical arrangements, with the singing and the overall production of this album…all the songs and singers are perfectly matched…would strongly recommend this outstanding project to all music lovers." Cathal McConnell (Boys of the Lough)

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