The Complete Songs Of Robert Tannahill vol 3

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(February 2013) 21 tracks: Will Ye Gang Tae Sherramuir (Rod Paterson) * The Braes O Gleniffer (Fiona Hunter) * Ye Friendly Stars (Nick Keir) * Adieu! Ye Cheerful Native Plains (Brian O hEadhra) * Thou Cauld Glommy Feberwar (Fiona Hunter) * The Simmer Gloamin (Lucy Pringle) * Lallan Lassie Wilt Thou Go (Nick Keir) * Despairing Mary (Lucy Pringle) * Fill, Fill The Merry Bowl (Rod Paterson) * The Lassie Aa Leuch (Fiona Hunter) * The Hielander's Invitation (Brian O hEadhra) * The Lament O Wallace (Lucy Pringle) * Irish Teaching (Brian O hEadhra) * Responsive Ye Woods (Ian Anderson) * I'll Soon Be Far Away (Nick Keir) * The Dirge Of Carolan (Brian O hEadhra) * Davie Tulloch's Bonnie Katie (Fiona Hunter) * Noo Winter is Gane (Rod Paterson) * The Trifler's Sabbath Day (Fred Freeman) * Lament For Poor Drimindo / Kitt O'Carrol (Iain Anderson And Lucy Pringle) * The Lass O Arranteenie (Rod Paterson).

Third volume in the series celebrating the work of poet and songwriter Robert Tannahill.

Vol 3 features many of Scotland's most renowned traditional singers and musicians from the best of folk groups old and new.

Includes a booklet with background notes by Dr Fred Freeman and lyrics to featured songs. Some of the composer's lesser-known songs feature among the tracks.

Instrumentalists: Chris Agnew (acoustic bass), Mark Dunlop ( bodhran), Mark Duff (whistles, recorder, bouzouki, bodhran), Stewart Hardy (fiddle), Arron Jones (cittern), Angus Lyon (accordion, keyboards), Pat McGarvey(banjo), Frank McLaughlin (guitar), Richard Wener (shakers), Chris Wright (cittern, guitar).

"...and excellent flow of tension and release....consistently lovely vocals...and fluid and remarkable original accompaniment and arrangements....another gem." Archie Fisher (singer, songwriter, broadcaster).

"....a grand pleasure to listen to: lovely accomplished singing and accompaniment (wonderful bouzouki and whistles)....marvellous variety. It is nice to discover singers interpreting this great repertoire...." Jamie Mc Menemy(singer, ex Battlefield Band, Kornog).

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