The Complete Songs Of Robert Tannahill vol 2

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(March 2010) 21 tracks (1h 4mins): Jim Malcolm (My Mary) * Emily Smith (Gloomy Winter's Noo Awa) * Brian O hEadhra (One Night In My Youth) * Nick Keir (Brave Lewie Roy) * Steve Byrne (The Soldier's Adieu) * Emily Smith (While the Grey Pinioned Lark) * Lucy Pringle (Fragment of A Scottish Ballad) * Brian O hEadhra (Bonnie Winsome Mary) * Jim Malcolm (Come Hame Tae Yer Lingels) * Lucy Pringle (Oor Bonnie Scots Lads) * Marieke McBean (Hey Donald, How Donald) * Steve Byrne (The Lomond) * Brian O hEadhra (Peggy O'Rafferty) * Emily Smith (Mine Ain Dear Somebody) * Steve Byrne (O Lassie Will Ye Tak a Man?) * Brian O hEadhra (Kitty Tyrell) * Steve Byrne (O Sair I Rue the Witless Wish) * Nick Keir (Noo Winter Wi His Cloody Broo) * Fred Freeman (Poem: On Seeing A Spider) * Lucy Pringle (The Soldier's Widow) * Jim Malcolm (Bonnie Hielan Laddie).

Second volume in the series celebrating the work of poet and songwriter Robert Tannahill.

Much more than an academic exercise, this recording features the outstanding contemporary Scottish folk singers of our time. It draws upon Tannahill's extensive background in Irish as well as Scottish traditional music.

Featuring the interpretations of singers Emily Smith, Brian O hEadhra, Steve Byrne, Lucy Pringle, Jim Malcolm, Marieke McBean and Nick Keir.

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