Niteworks - A' Ghrian

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10 Tracks: Each-Uisge * Gura Mise Tha Fo Eislein (feat Ellen MacDonald) * Gloomy Winter (feat Hannah Rarity) * Guns Of Ajaccio * John Riley (feat Beth Malcolm) * Old Ghost's Waltz * Theid Mi Lem Dheoin (feat Alasdair Whyte) * Bumpth * Teannaibh Dluth (feat Sian) * A' Ghrian (feat Kathleen MacInnes).

The latest impressive album from folk-electronica powerhouse Niteworks.

The album's title A' Ghrian, is Gaelic for 'the sun' and features an inspiring mix of Gaelic, Scots and English folk songs infused with electronica.

All music composed, arranged and performed by Niteworks except where noted.

Niteworks: Ruairidh Graham (drums), Allan MacDonald (pipes), Christopher Nicolson (bass), Innes Strachan (synth and keys).

The unique tones of celebrated Scottish singers Sian, Kathleen MacInnes, Beth Malcolm, Hannah Rarity and Alasdair Whyte also feature.

Sian: Eilidh Cormack, Ceitlin Lilidh, Ellen MacDonald.

Strings: Susan Appelbe, Fiona MacAskill, Aileen Reid, Laura Wilkie.

Accordion: Archie MacFarlane

TMLD Choir: Pedro Cameron, Deirdre Graham, Donald Macdonald, Seonaidh MacIntyre, Robert Robertson and Sian.

"They expertly blur the lines between Scottish traditional, folk and Gaelic music with cutting-edge electronica, creating a unique and exhilarating sound that has seen them rightfully earn a reputation for unapologetic innovation." Cadiz.

"Vibrant new music from Niteworks, Skye's masters of Gaelictronica." Seuras Og, At The Barrier.

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