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(1998) 37 tracks (2h 25mins)

A feast of Scottish folk - a double CD compilation featuring an impressive line-up of KRL label artistes including Tannas, Old Blind Dogs, Oige, Iron Horse, Cythara, JSD Band, The Hudson Swan Band, Tabache, JCB, Whirligig, Canterach, Craobh Rua, Drop The Box and Whistlebinkies.

CD1: Tannas - Mairead Nan Cuiread * Ross Kennedy and Archie McAllister - Can O' Tea * Ian F. Benzie - The Braes O'Gight * Craobh Rua - The Lucky Penny / Jerry's Beaver Hat / Miss Monroe's Jig * David Allison - Exile * Old Blind Dogs - The Twa Corbies * Anna Mhoireach (Murray) - Doctor McInnes' Fancy / The High Level * Oige' - The Flower Of Magherally O * The Iron Horse - The Eight-Step Waltz * Green - Found On The Wave * Ingrid Henderson and Allan Henderson - The China Jig / The Perpetual Horseshoe * Mick West - Bonnie Jean Cameron * Jonny Hardie, Gavin Marwick and Davy Cattanach - Willie's Auld Trews / Keep It Up / Dogs Bite Chapmen * Cythara - Brittany * JSD Band - Shake Loose The Border * Wendy Maclsaac - Dr. Shaw Medley: Royal Scots Polka, Dr. Shaw, Reverend John Angus Rankin's Strathspey, Traditional Reel, Mr. John Stewart Of Grantully * Lorraine Jordan - Rooftops * Elise MacLellan - Spindrift / Tousie Annie.

CD2: Ross Kennedy and Archie McAllister - The Gathering Storms / The Lowland Of Scotland / Feadan Glan A'Phiobair * The Hudson Swan Band - My Collier Laddie * Rory Campbell - Breton Set Medley: Torre De Hercules, Breton An Dro, Paul McIvor * Anna Mhoireach (Murray) - A Ghaoil Saoil Am Faigh Mi Thu? / Hacking Windows * Tabache - Jug Of Brown Ale / Tony O'Sullivan's / The Lisnagun Jig * The Iron Horse - Glasgow Peggy * JCB with Jerry Holland - Boo Baby's Lullaby * Old Blind Dogs - The Barnyards O' Delgaty * Whirligig - The Harper / Lady Catherine Ogle * Oige' - The North Sea Chinaman / The Boys Of The Lough / Touch Me If You Dare * Tannas - Nach Fhreagair Thu Cairistonia * Canterach - Blackthorn Stick / Calliope House / Archie Beag / Boys Of Ballymote * Craobh Rua - Wearing The Britches * Carlene Anglim and Allister Gittens - Taimse Un Choladh * Drop The Box - Biggar Things * Chris Armstrong - Biggar Medley: Iain MacPherson's Reel, The Broken Chanter, Loch Roaig * Deirdre Cunningham Band - Call Of The Wild One * The Whistlebinkies - Oran Mor * Coinneach - Blow Away.

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