John Purser - Consider The Story

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November 2021

Tracks: 1-4 String Quartet Kalavrita * 5 Sonata for Trombone And Piano * 6-11 Six Sea Songs * 12 Love My Lewd Pilot * Silver Reflections * Puna * Lament For A Chickadee * Ave Atque Vale.

The world-famous Brodsky Quartet headline an outstanding array of performers 'from a' the airts' in John Purser's latest CD, Consider the Story, bringing an immaculate and powerful performance of his accomplished and moving String Quartet 'Kalavrita'.

Sleeve notes included.

"After more than sixty years of composing, I find myself greeting works back through the years even to student days - old friends half-forgotten. It's been a long story. My music has been described as 'heart-felt, clear, rugged and peculiar'. I'm happy to accept that judgement - even the 'peculiar', for the music, is eclectic and particular, responding to commissions for many different instruments and ensembles in a variety of styles. In that sense, it is certainly peculiar, each piece telling its own story." John Purser, Composer.

Brodsky Quartet:
Gina McCormack (violin), Ian Belton (violin), Paul Cassidy (viola), Jacqueline Thomas (cello).

Peter Evans (piano 12), Lynda Green (piano 13), Susan Hamilton (soprano 12), Ben Hoadley (bassoon), John Kenny (trombone 5), Gary MacPhee (trombone 16), George Nicholson (piano 15),
Philip Norris (cello 13), Alexander Oliver (Tenor 6-11), Ben Parry (baritone 12), Matthew Studdert-Kennedy (flute 12), Bernard Sumner (piano 6-11), Tin Shi Tam (carillon 15), Rob Thorn (Taonga Puoro: jade gong, gourd, putprino, conch(14).

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