Ian Bruce And The Tartan Spiders - Young Territorial

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17 Tracks: Ah'll Gi'e Ye A-Diddleo (pipe tune) * Introduction by Maj. Gen. Alastair Bruce of Crionach, OBE, VR. DL (spoken word) * Inverness * Soldiers In The Chapel * Sandy's Conversion * Sandy The Piper * The Somme Offensive (pipe tune) * Halloween * The Young Territorial * The Abbey (pipe tune) * The Big Drum Major * The Auld Corps * The Glenworple Highlanders * Donald And The De'il * Grey Kilts * Wey Hey For The Hodden Grey * The Legend of Sheppey.

Ian Bruce, one of the great singer/songwriters of the Scottish Folk scene was commissioned by The London Scottish Volunteer Enterprises to produce this album in honour of the long remarkable history of The London Scottish Regiment and their famous hodden grey kilts.

The Hodden Grey 'tartan' was introduced in 1859 and became the iconic colour of The London Scottish Regiment worn by this Young Territorial.

Using the archives of the regiment Ian also put music to many stories and poems.

Assembling a large cast of guests, which he humorously named The Tartan Spiders, in his own Row Studios in Cupar, Fife - when he not only took most of the lead vocals, played various instruments, including guitar, but also recorded and produced the album!

Together, Ian and The Tartan Spiders not only share a glimpse of the rich history and tales of The London Scottish Regiment but combine to produce a most entertaining and enjoyable album.

Includes sleeve notes and song lyrics, words, and poems.

The Tartan Spiders singers/musicians: Carol Jamieson (piano and more), Fiona Forbes (of Sangsters on backing vocals), Denise Crighton-Ward (bass), Janet Weatherston (backing vocals), Katharina Bramkamp (recorders, backing vocals), Alasdair Gibbs (bagpipes), Charlie Milne (of Ragged Glory on lead and harmony vocals), Kev Green (lead and harmony vocals), Shaun Blandford (bass, electric guitar), John Blackwood (of Sangsters on backing vocals), Gregor Lowrey (accordion, melodeon), Pete Clark (fiddles), Alastair Morrow (drums) and Major Rob Pitt, VR Rifles (recitations). There is also an introduction by Major General Alastair Bruce of Crionach, OBE, VR, and DL.

"Every Regiment has legends and songs. These go beyond the tunes of the marching band and the laments of a church service but tell the real human story of the time and place. They come from the soldiers and form part of the DNA of a unit, connecting past to present in vivid, emotionally charged, unifying ways... Stories make a Regiment become more than just a badge to the people in it. All that being said, The London Scottish Regiment has one hell of a story to tell."
Notes by Lt Col Rob Pitt VR Rifles

"Just like I did with my Hodden Grey album in 1998, which kicked this whole thing off, I dedicate 'Young territorial' to my father, John Horatio St George Ross Bruce, who as the London Scottish Pipe Major during World War 2. Putting this project together has been such a labour of love and family connection." Ian Bruce.

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