Hamish Henderson Tribute Vol 2- Ballad Of The Banffies

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(October 2021) 17 Tracks: Ballad Of The Banffies (Cameron Nixon) * Here's To The Maiden (Fiona Hunter) * Banks Of Sicily (John Morran) * Hamish Introduces Tail Toddle (Hamish) * Tail Toddle and Instrumental Solo (John Morran And Marc Duff) * The Presence (Fiona Hunter) * The Roads To Rome (Cameron Nixon) * Soo Sewin Silk (Fiona Hunter) * The Speaking Heart (John Morran) * Katzel Henderson (fiddle tune played by Euan McLaughlin) / En Marche (poem read by Fred Feeman) * Nou Jeannie Dear (John Morran) * Sodge Ye The Cotton Spinners (Hamish) * Brief Discussion on Blossom In The Spring (Stuart MacGregor) * Blossom In The Spring (Cameron Nixon) * Goettingen Nicht (Fiona Hunter) * Aunty Mary / Wee O’Hara (Hamish) / Hamish’s Mad Version of El Alamein (Fred Freeman) * Rivonia (South African singing group Atte).

This album Hamish Henderson Tribute Vol 2 focuses on newly recorded material, curated by the late great folklorist and poet's longtime friend and colleague, Dr Fred Freeman.

Hamish Henderson, poet, singer/songwriter, folklorist and socialist died on 8th March 2002, in Edinburgh. Dr Fred Freeman and M.D. of Greentrax Recordings Ian Green immediately set about the task of compiling recordings and researching songs and popular poems of Hamish Henderson.

The result is a feast of poetry and song!

The principal singers are Fiona Hunter (Malinky), John Morran ( Deaf Shepherd) and young singer Cameron Nixon.

Musicians include Marc Duff (whistles), Frank MacLaughlin (guitar), Euan MacLaughlin (fiddle, banjo), Angus Lyon (accordion, keyboards).

Included on the album is the unusual recording of 'Rivonia' (Free Mandella) by the South African group Atte. 'The Presence' was a poem put to music by Archie Fisher.

"Hamish produced so many of his great songs and poems in the thick of battle. Not to compare great things with small, but this tribute album has been created in the midst of a different sort of battle: a lethal pandemic with travails of its own - social isolation and shielding; the unremitting masks on and off; perspex screens; the concomitant loss of continuity that one experiences after being out of circulation for 18months. Nonetheless, we keep the music going; it keeps us going.
That is the point. In this connection, I have only to thank Ian Green of Greentrax Recordings for his infinite patience, his unstinted commitment to the project; to thank John Slavin for his painstaking work on the design of the disc, to thank Richard Werner of B & B Studios for masterly handling of the sound, the folk involved, the logistics of the recording; to thank the ineffably gifted crew of singers and players who followed my outrageously demanding lead at every turn; The School of Scottish Studies for use of various archive recordings; the families MacGregor. Hawkes - and above all, Henderson (especially Katzel) for all their invaluable contributions. As usual, my wife Winnie, has lived through the inevitable sturm und drang of the project... and has been a great support throughout." Fred Freeman.

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