The Complete Songs Of Robert Tannahill vol 1

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(August 2006) * 19 tracks: Fly We To Some Desert Isle (Emily Smith) * Hey Donald, How Donald (Wendy Weatherby) * Rob Roryson's Bannet (Gillian MacDonald) * The Braes o Balquhidder (John Croall) * The Five Friends (Jim Reid) * Coggie Thou Heals Me (Ross Kennedy) * Meg o the Glen (John Croall) * When John and I were Married (Gillian MacDonald) * Jessie, The Flow'r o Dunblane (Ross Kennedy) * O Are Ye Sleeping Maggie (Jim Reid) * Barrochan Jean (John Morran) * Och Hey! Johnny Lad (Emily Smith) * The Dear Highland Laddie O (Gillian MacDonald) * Yon Burn Side (Ian Anderson) * With Waefu' Heart (Wendy Weatherby) * I'll Hie Me To The Shieling Hill (Ross Kennedy) * Molly My Dear (Ross Kennedy) * Eild (Fred Freeman) * I'll Lay Me On The Wintry Lea (Emily Smith).

Since the centenary edition of his works and festivities in Paisley in 1874, which drew crowds of 15,000 to celebrate his life and art, poet and songwriter Robert Tannahill has been sadly neglected.

It was with this in mind that Dr Fred Freeman, producer and musical director of the internationally acclaimed Complete Songs Of Robert Burns (Linn Records) decided to record Complete Songs Of Robert Tannahill for Brechin All Records. The box set of 5 CDs will be complete by 2010 to mark, appropriately, the bicentenary year of the poet’s death.

As with the Burns songs, this is much more than an academic exercise. It is contemporary Scottish folk music, featuring outstanding folk musicians of our time and drawing upon Tannahill’s extensive background in Scottish as well as Irish traditional music.

In this connection, various Irish, British and European musicians will join their Scottish counterparts in the project in accordance with what could have been Robert Tannahill’s wishes.

Volume 1 features many of Scotland's most renowned traditional singers and musicians from the best of folk groups old and new.

"Volume I brings together some of the better known Tannahill songs, along with others that promise to be a revelation." (Dr Fred Freeman)

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