The Celtic Collection (30th Anniversary of KRL)

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(May 2008) 35 tracks (2 hrs)

A showcase of KRL artists - to celebrate 30 years of the record label, this double album features tracks from many of their acts.

An amazing line-up of top folk musicians - Scottish and Irish groups, pipers, Gaelic and Scots song.

CD1 - The Old Blind Dogs: The Bonnie Lass O’Fyvie * Tannas: O Ho Na Ribeannan / Sean Truibhas / Faca Tu An T-Sabhaidh * Jonny Hardie & Gavin Marwick: Sandy Broon’s / The Gallery / Last Orders / The Blue Lamp * Stevie Lawrence: The Comet Jig / Kevin’s Celtic Chasm / The Academy Boys * The Iron Horse: The Earl Of Moray / The Gift / The Conclusion * Anna Murray: Lady In The Bottle / Old Hag You Have Killed Me / Price Of The Pig * Coila: Takashi’s Dawn * JSD Band: The Spanish Lady * Canterach: The Highland Brigade at Magersfonteir * Oige: Green Grasses Grow Bonnie * Cythara: For Ireland I’d Not Tell Her Name * Ross Kennedy & Archie McAllister: Bay Of Storms * Albanachie: The Kerry Polka / Trip To Sligo / Wellington’s Advance * Kinnell: Slow Air * Whirligig: Fayne Would I Wed / Giles Farnaby’s Dreame * Mick West: Road To Dundee * JCB with Jerry Holland: Amy’s Waltz * Chris Armstrong: The Barachios Reel / Two Tenor Pop

CD2 - Ian F Benzie: I’se The B’y * Angus Lyon & Ruairidh Campbell: Boo’s Jig / Ellie’s Reel * Tabache: Helen Of Kirkconnel * Drop The Box: Wings (On The Wings Of A Scorie) * The Hudson Swan Band: Beinn Chabhair * Wendy Wetherby: Hybrid Reel / Unknown Reel / The Haggis / Captain Roy * Coinneach: The Back Room / Burnt Toast * Ingrid & Allan Henderson: The Wee Fiddler’s Reel / The Rough Bounds Reel / Craig’s Pipes Reel * Rory Campbell & Malcolm Stitt: Field of Bells * Gaberlunzie: Broom O’Cowdenknowes * Train Journey North: Faca Sibh Mairi Nighean Alasdair * The Keltz: O’Carolan’s Dream * Green: The Marie Celeste * Angus Lyon: 9/8’s, Stuck in Port Askaig / Cold Chips * Cannach: The Black Bog Jig / Dubford Dubs / Miss Sheila Houston / The Walking Duvet * Elise MacLellan: Buachaille Etive Mor * Deirdre Cunningham: Cry From The Heart

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