The Saltire Scottish Song Book

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Index And First Lines: Ae Fond Kiss * Aitken Drum * Ay Waukin O * Baloo, My Boy, Lie Still And Sleep * Bonny Lassie, Will Ye Go * Bonny Wee Thing * By Yon Castle Wa * Ca The yowes * Come, Lassie, Lend Me Your Braw Hemp Heckle * Cope Sent A Challenge * Corn Riggs * Duncan Gray * Flow gently, Sweet Afton * How Blithe Was I Ilk Morn To See * I Hae Laid A Herrin In Saut * I'll Ay Ca In By Yon Toun * In Yon Garden Fine An Gay * It Was A' for Our Rightfu King * it Was upon a lammas nicht * I've Heard The Liltin At Our Yowe-Milkin * Jocky Said To jenny * John Anderson My Jo * Johnnie Cope * Johnny Faa * Kelvingrove * Kind Robin Loes Me * Lady Anne Bothwell's Lament * Lament Of The Border Widow * Let Us Haste To Kelvingrove * Magie Lauder * My Boy Tammie * My Heart Is A-Breaking * My Love Built Me A Bonny Bower * My Love's In Germany * My Love Was Born In Aberdeen * Now Nature Hangs Her Mantle Green * O Can Ye Sew Cushions * O Gin I Were A Baron's Heir * O Gin I Were Where Gadie Rins * O Gin My Love Were Yon Red Rose * o Where, Tell Me Where * O Kenmure's On And Awa * Oh Lay Thy Loof In Mine, Lass * O Robin Is My Only Jo * Oh This Is No' My Ain Lassie * Oh Weel May The Boatie Row * Oh Whistle And I'll Come To Ye * O Willie's Rare And Willie's Fair * Oh Willie Was A Wanton Wag * Rattlin Roarin Willie * Tam Glen * The Auld Man's Mare's Deid * The Birks O Aberfeldy * The Blue Bell Of Scotland * The Bob O' Dunblane * The Bonnie Banks Of Loch Lomond * The Brisk Young Lad * The Broom O' The Cowdenknowes * The Deil's Awa Wi Th' Exciseman * The Flowers O' The Forest * The Gipsies Came Tae Our Lord's Yett * The Lea-Rig * The Love That I Had Chosen * The Lowlands Of Holland * The Queens Maries * There Atr Twa Bonny Madens * There Cam A Young Man * There Lived A Man In Oor Toon * The Sun rises Bright In France * The Wee Cooper Of Fife * The White Cockade * The Winter It Is past * The Yellow-Haired Laddie * Wee Willie Gray * Wha Wadna Be In Love * When O'er The Hill The Eastern Sky * Where Hae Ye Been A' Day * Willie Wastle Dwalls On Tweed * Ye Banks And Braes * Yestreen The Queesn Had Four Maries.

This edition of The Oxford Scottish Song Book contains 60 traditional Scottish songs.

Edited by Cedric Thorpe Davie and George C McVicar.

A super resource for unison or solo singing, with piano accompaniment. Many of the songs are widely and deservedly popular, including 'Ae fond kiss', 'Ca the yowes', 'Duncan Gray', 'Flow gently, sweet Afton', 'John Anderson my jo', 'My love she’s but a lassie yet' and 'Ye banks and braes' by Robert Burns.

For amateurs and professionals, children and adults, it has an index showing the suitability of each song for solo use, by men or women, or for school class work.

Paperback (Full music edition 105 pp)

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