John Renton - The Inveraray Collection

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(October 2008) 78 tunes

A great collection of tunes from this West Coast bandleader.

Accordion and fiddle tunes arranged in treble clef with chord symbols.

A4 format.

Kenneth Alexander Johnstone Renton * The Lismore Ferryman * Nicol McLaren O' Blair's Jig * Ricky Franci's Reel * Heather Dewar's Strathspey * Margaret Holmes' Jig * Michael Kelly's Hornpipe * John Holt's Reel * Waltz For Morag Robertson * Duncan MacKay Of Glen Aray * Gordon Simpson's Jig * Kirkbrae * Kenny Wilson's Reel * Graham Renton's Hornpipe * Colin Garvin's Reel * John Johnston's Strathspey * Linda's Café * Dick Daniel's Hornpipe * Neil Mackay Of Northton * The Gordon Shand Polka * Drumadoon Bay * Miss Veronica Gunn * Hirplin' Davie * The Garron Bridge * Waltz for Maureen Renton * Willie Whitham Of Smithfield * The Apple House * Paddy Cummins' Hornpipe * Avis Harrison's Strathspey * Sandy Nixon's Jig * Lochan Shira * David Halcrow's Reel * Jimmy Kelly's Hornpipe * James Gray's Strathspey * McIlhenny's Reel * Glen Fyne Lodge * The Echo Two-Step * Duncan Livingstone Of Laggan * Miss Catherine McCulloch * Ishbel Crichton Of Marybank * Colin Dewar's Hornpipe * The Shira In Spate * Maureen Daniel's Strathspey * Waltz For Lucy Sumsion * The Garvin's Welcome To Harris * Ian Holmes' Jig * The Red Squirrel * Charlie Soane From Rothesay * Maureen Johnston's Strathspey * The Whaler's Hornpipe * Grant Crawford's Jig * Haulin' The Ropes * Evelyn's Reel * Fiona MacDonald's Jig * The Diamond Girls * Ian T. Muir Of Prestwick * Miss Anastasia Noble's Waltz * Doreen Halcrow's Reel * Frances Corbett's Hornpipe * Miss Kathleen Collins Of Elgin * Miss Emma Fellowes * Anne Thorn's Strathspey * Luggin' The Gear * Sally Hall * The Skahanrane Hornpipe * Jimmy & Moira Porter * Donald Ridley Of Brampton * Anne Holt's Strathspey * Stepping It Lightly * The Ship's Cat Hornpipe * Mary Munro * Anna Fraser's Jig * The Kettle On The Hob * Sue Porter's Strathspey * Thomson's Irish Jig * Sandy Nixon's Strathspe * Heather Pagan's Strathspey * McCallum's Irish Jig.

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