Battlefield Band - Forward With Scotland's Past

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Scottish music - a collection of the group's songs and music.

25 pipe tunes, 65 fiddle tunes and 44 songs. With a foreword by Dougie Pincock and notes on the music.

Paperback A4, 125 pages.

Crann Tara Hornpipe (Pipe Tune) * Madadh Ruadh Hornpipe (Pipe Tune) * Conway's Farewell Reel (Pipe Tune) * Short-Coated Mary Reel (Pipe Tune) * E Kostez An Henbont Hanter Dro (Pipe Tune) * Togail Curs Air Leodhas Slow Air (Pipe Tune) * The Five Sisters Reel (Pipe Tune) * The Rising Moon Reel Reel (Pipe Tune) * The Struggle Reel (Pipe Tune) * The Farmer's Daughter Reel (Pipe Tune) * The Unmade Bed Jig (Pipe Tune) * Lady Doll Sinclair Reel (Pipe Tune) * The Tide's Out Reel (Pipe Tune) * Dougie's Decision Jig (Pipe Tune) * Willie Roy's Loomhouse Reel (Pipe Tune) * Christmas Carousal Reel (Pipe Tune) * Knopogue Jig (Pipe Tune) * Reid's Rant Strathspey (Pipe Tune) * Sandy Thompson Jig (Pipe Tune) * Tending The Steer Jig (Pipe Tune) * The Calrossie Cattle Wife Jig (Pipe Tune) * Kilcoy's March March (Pipe Tune) * Dick Gossip's Reel Reel (Pipe Tune) * Joseph MacDonald's Jig Jig (Pipe Tune) * The Snuff Wife Jig (Pipe Tune) * Return To Kashmagiro Reel * The Cuddy With The Wooden Leg Bourreé * Muineira Sul Sacrato Della Chiesa Jig * Hyo Y Frwynen March * The Left-Handed Fiddler Reel * The Floating Crowbar Reel * The Ships Are Sailing Reel * Lucy Campbell Reel * June Apple Reel * Brodick Castle Slow Air * Anst'er Market Hornpipe * The Pilgrim's March March * She's Late But She's Timely Slow Air * The Anchor Steam Reel Reel * The Hook Of Holland Jig * The Man With Two Women Reel * McHugh's Other Foot Reel * Anthem Air * The Watchmaker's Daughter Reel * Lord Haddo's Favourite Slow Air * The Presbyterian Hornpipe Hornpipe * The Hurricane Reel * Cockle Geordie Hornpipe * Miss Graham Reel * Miss Thompson Reel * Look Across The Water Strathspey * Mrs. Garden Of Troup Strathspey * The Keelman Ower Land Hornpipe * Major Malley's March March * Major Malley's Reel Reel * Jenny Nettles Reel * Dunottar Castle Strathspey * Miss Lyall Strathspey * Small Coals For Nailers Reel * Bleaton Gardens Reel * Miss MacLeod's Minuet Minuet * Miss Drummond Of Perth's Favourite Scotch Scotch Measure Measure * Ge Do Theid Mi Do M'Leabaidh Slow Air * The Arran Boat Slow Air * The Canty Auld Man Jig * Drummond Castle Jig * Miss Margaret Brown's Favourite Jig * The Deserts Of Tulloch Jig * 'Scian 'Sgur Slow Air * There's Three Guid Fellows Jig * Leslie's March Jig * Sgian Dubh Jig * Miss Susan Feddersen Reel * The Ivory Reel Reel * The Quill Reel * The Butterfly Chain Air * Lift Your Glass To The Landlady Reel * Peter Calver's Favourite Reel * The Steeple Reel Reel * Down The Road To Galloway Polka * Catherine Jane Spree's Polka Polka * The Heron Air * Molly's Roses Slow Air * Hamish Henderson's Refusal Strathspey * Belle-Ile Air * Angela Morrison's Pavanne Pavanne * The White Dress Strathspey * The Foggy Banks Of Haines Mazurka * Modest Miss France Air * Mary Cassidy Air * Celtic Hotel Song * Seacoalers Song * Jock The Can Song * The Tail O' The Bank Song * The Rovin' Dies Hard Song * The Silver Darlin's Song * The Devil's Only Daughter Song * The Dear Green Place Song * After Hours Song * Montrose Song * Island Earth No More Song * Carnlough Bay Song * The Snows Of France And Holland Song * Miners' Wives Song * I Am The Common Man Song * The Yew Tree Song * A Chance As Good As Any Song * The Green Plaid Song * The Image Of God Song * Shining Clear Song * Gala Water Song * Lads O' The Fair Song * The Boar And The Fox Song * Up And Waur Them A' Willie Song * Seven Braw Gowns Song * The Last Farewell To Stirling Song * Christ Has My Hart Ay Song * I Hae Nae Kith, I Hae Nae Kin Song * The Battle Of Falkirk Muir Song * Lang Johnny Moir Song * The Battle Of Harlow Song * The Tamosher Song * Wae's Me For Prince Charlie Song * Lady Kilmarnock's Lament Song * The Atholl Gathering Song * The Boys That Broke The Ground Song * Blue Jay And The Cardinal Song * The Laverock Sang Song * The Bonnie Wee Lassie That Never Said No Song * It Was All For Our Rightful King Song * Jamie Raeburn Song * The Bonny Labouring Boy Song * The Invitation To A Funeral Song * The Laird O' Udny's Wa's Song.

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