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(February 2016)

Tunes include: Atholl Arms * Bob Mackintosh * Buckney Burn * The Burning Of Peesie's Knapp * The Butterstone Puddock * Caledonia * Caledonia (Pipe Version) * Castle Menzies * The Centre * Cloud Howe * Craigie Dhu * Edmonton Airbus * The Emigrant * The Fair City * Farewell To Craigie Dhu * The Ferry * The Gael * The Gael (Pipe Version) * The Kaimes * Ku-Ring­Gai Chase * Leduckie * Loch Ness * The Metis Theme * Mr And Mrs MacLean Of Snaigow * One Summer's Morning * Perthshire Amber * Ranch * Riechip * Riof Raiders * Roy Ashby's * The Muir * The Muir (Pipe Version) * The Osprey * The Search * Spoutwells * Tattie Ball * When Are You Coming Over?

The long awaited collection of Dougie MacLean's melodies that represents over 40 years of his creativity.

Simply presented with melody line and guitar chords, Dougie MacLean "Tunes" contains 37 distinctive compositions.

Includes an instrumental version of "Caledonia" and a fiddle version of "The Gael" and provides a pipe version of each as well!

These are melodies that have been performed on fiddle, whistle, mandolin or melodeon, covered by artists worldwide, used in film and television... tunes that suit every mood.

Dougie MacLean is one of Scotland's most respected and popular musicians, a singer-songwriter, guitarist and fiddle player who tours the world with his unique blend of lyrical, roots-based composition.

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