The Scottish Folk Fiddle Tutor

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This excellent tutor book provides a comprehensive guide to Scottish fiddle playing for beginners of all ages.

For all aspiring fiddlers who want to learn to play Scottish music in a fun but structured way.

Cartoons by Dave Smith and useful photos, illustrate the points as they occur.

Includes a demonstration CD of all the tunes.

Compiled and arranged by Christine Martin and Anne Hughes.

Contents: Aitken Drum * Allt an t-Suicair * The Aly Aly O * Amazing Grace * An Coineachan * Angus Macleod * Au Clair De La Lune * Auld Lang Syne * Back O' Benachie * Barnyards Of Dalgetty * The Bells Of St Giles * Birlinn Ghoraidh Chrobhain * Blow The Man Down * Bonnie Tammie Scolla * Buain Na Ràinich * Cailin Mo Rùinsa * Cailleach An Dùdain * Caol Muile * Calum Beag * Captain Horne * Chan eil mo leannan ann an seo * The Cockle Gatherer * Comin' Thro' The Rye * Coulter's Candy * Còta Gearr Sgiobalta * Crodh Chailein * Dance Tae Your Daddy * Dancing The Baby * Davy Nick Nack * Dòmhnall Beag An t-siùcair * Donkey Riding * Down In Demarara * Drumleys
* Drumond Castle * The Drunken Sailor * Eilean Mo Chridhe * Faiilte Rudha Bhatairnis * Flower Of Scotland * For He's A Jolly Good Fellow * Four-Poster Bed * French Folk Song * The Grand Old Duke Of York * Harvest Home * Hornpipe * I'll Tell My Ma * In Praise Of Islay * The Jeelie Piece Song * John Anderson My Jo * Johnny Cope * Johnnie Lad * Katie Bairdie * Killiecrankie * Knees Up Mother Brown * Leanabh An Aigh * Leannan Mo Ghaoil * London's Burning * Lovely Stornoway * Macpherson's Lament * MacFarlane O' The Sprots * The MacGregor's March * Merry Boys Of Greenland * Mo Dhachaidh * Morag A Dunbheagan * Mo Run Geal Dìleas * Murdo's Wedding * My Eyes Are Dim * Mary Had A Little Lamb * Mattachins * Michael Finnigan * Old MacDonald * One Man Went To Mow * O Theid Mi Fhein * Pibroch Of Dòmhnall Dubh * The Piper's Cave * Puer Nobis * Queen Mary * Reel Of Stumpie * Ruidhle Cailleach * Seven Step Polka * Skipping Rhyme * The Skye Boat Song * Sleep Baby Sleep * Stocainnean Daoimean * Taladh Chriosda * Thistle Of Scotland * Twa Craws * Unst Bridal March * Wee Willie Winkie * Wha Wadna Fecht For Chairlie * Where Have You Been? * Will Ye Gang To Kelvingrove? * Ye Canny Shove Yer Granny.

A4, 54 pages.

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