The New Scottish Song Book - Full Music Edition

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Index Of Titles And First Lines: A Rosebud By My Early Walk * An Ye Shall Walk In Silk Attire * As I Sat At My Spinning Wheel * Auld Lang Syne * Be Gude To Me * Blythe Ha'e I Been On Yon Hill * Blythe Was The Time * Bonnie Charlie's Noo Awa * Braw, Braw Lads * Cauld Blaws The Wind Frae East To West * Come All Ye Jolly Shepherds * Come O'er The Stream Charlie * Gae Bring Tae Me A Pint O Wine * Gallow Water * Glenlogie * Hae The Bonnie Briest-Knots * How Pleasant The Banks Of The Clear Winding Devon * I Lo'e Nae A Laddie But Ane * I'll Bid My Heart Be Still * I'm Owre Young Tae Marry Yet * Jock O Hazeldean * Last May A Braw Wooer * Leezie Lindsay * Logie O Buchan * Muirland Willie * My Heart's In The Highlands * My Only Jo And Dearie O * O Bothwell Bank * O Harken And I Will Tell You Hoo * O Willie Brew'd A Peck O' Maut * O Nancy' Hair Is Yellow Like Gowd * On Ettrick's Banks * Scots Wha Hae * Sheep And Cattle I Ha'e Nane O * Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot * The Banks Of The Devon * The Bonnie Earl O Moray * The Carls O Dysart * The Gallant Weaver * The Gloomy Night is Gath'ring Fast * The Laird O Cockpen * The Lass Of Patie's Mill * The Rowan Tree * The Spinning Wheel * The Tocherless Lass * The Wee Wee German Lardie * Thou Hast Left Me Ever Jamie * Three Scores O Nobles Raide Up The King's Ha' * Thy Cheek Is O' The Rose's Hue * Up In The Morning Early * We're A' Noddin' * Wha The De'il Hae We Gotten For A King * What's A' The Steer Kimmer? * When The Kye Comes Hame * Where Cartrins Row In Tae The Sea * Whe Weep By The Tide Ladye? * Will Ye Gang To The Hielands Leezie Lindsay * Will Ye No Come Back Again? * Willie's Gane Tae Melville Castle * Wilt Thou be My Dearie? * Ye Hieland's An Ye Lowlands.

45 Traditional Scottish songs with piano accompaniment.

Some of these strongly characteristic melodies are deservedly popular while others are lesser known, and the selection covers a broad range of emotions and subjects.

The songs are suitable for adults or children, solo or group singing, and ideal for use in music festivals.

Selection and arranging of the material was undertaken by George McPhee, George C McVicar, John Rankin and Stuart M Robertson and the music editing by George McPhee & Frank Spedding.

Paperback (Full music edition 96 pp)

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