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(April 2016)

Index of Tunes: Belmont Breakdown * Bloody Bouzouki * Break Yer Bass Drone Again! * Broken Moon * Dod's Tartan Punk Rock Trews * Dirty Bee * Easter Island * Get Yer Hair Cut * Mandy And Tom's Wedding * Gillian Chalmer's Jig * The Old Hill * Mashed Bands * Nose Fest * The Problem Child * Sophie The Mink * The True Gents * Unite The Clans * Break Yer Bass Drone Again! * The Cat * Club Galore * Freds' Advice * Hang Tune * Himalayan Hide-away * Loch Bheemtaal * Not Again * The Old Hill (part 2) * Taybank Shenanigans * The Road To Rum * Tune Miavaig * The Typesetter * Up And Down * Xose Manuel Albino * Delboy's * Holi Cow * Katie And David's Waddin * Round And About * Sam I Am * Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder * Ben-Y-Vrackie * Easter Island * Morning After Phil * Something For Gordon * Granny Paul * Baby Morgan * Cora Ainslie * Wee Gordon's * Scott And Rona's * Toddy's Tune * Wait, Trip To Amman.

A collection of original compositions from the multi instrumentalist and composer Ross Ainslie.

The book contains 17 bagpipe tunes and 33 other tunes for whistle or other instruments.

Ross has composed some great tunes and was highly influenced and mentored by Gordon Duncan.

He is a renowned piper from Perthshire, having played with the Vale of Athol Pipe Band and various piping groups such as Salsa Celtia, Treacherous Orchestra, Dougie McLean, Jarlath Henderson and India Alba.

Ainslie is one of Scotland's finest traditional musicians and composers, well-kent and sought after on the Scottish contemporary folk scene .

He is a trustee of the Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust.

A must have book for any piper, whistle player or any melody instrument player.

"As well as writing within the piping tradition Ainslie uses his multi-instrumental skills to compose melodies outside the normal range of the Highland pipes and is fearless in experimenting with different rhythms and scales. This maverick spirit is echoed amongst several of his contemporaries and adds to the continual evolution of the "Living Tradition". Charlie McKerron (Capercallie and Session A9).

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