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(March 2016)

Marches: Mrs John MacColl * James MacMillan Of Victoria, BC * William MacDonald, Benbecula * Men Of Argyll * Detroit Highlanders * Dumgoyne * Peat Harvest * Captain Grant * Braemar 'Wali' * Parting Glass * Ancient Clan March * Kitty Lie Over * MacDonald Of The Isles * Battle Of Sheriffmuir * Wellfield.

Retreats: Dunaskin Glen * Wallace's Farewell To Kuratau * Farewell To Muirheads.

Slow Airs: Loudon's Bonnie Woods And Brae * Achmore Loch * My Brown Haired Girl * Great Is The Cause Of My Sorrow * Lament For Jef Ar Penven * For Ireland I'd Not Tell Her Name * By The River Aoro * Summertime * My Love, My Joy, My Teasure * Glenfinnan * If You Would Come With Me * I'm Longing For You * John Fenwick * Lochaber No More.

Strathspeys: Duncan Johnstone's Strathspey * Kyles Of Scalpay * Haughs O' Cromdale * Andrew Wallace * Miss Valerie Wallace * Montrose 500 * Broderick's Bodhran * The Redcoat.

Reel: Aonas Sutherland * International Piper * Captain Alex M Fraser * Dr John MacAskill * Farewell To Erin * Andrew Wallace * Broderick's Bodhran * Wee Eddie * Straits Of Corfu * Whistlebinkies Reel * Devonshire Terrace * Boston Cuffes * Miss Stewart Of Grantully * Dog In The Bushes * The Feet Washing * Miss Menzies Of Culdares * Bush Below The Garden * Dunkeld Bridge.

Jigs: Abercairney Tom * Myra Hatton * Granny MacLeod * Lewis Jig * Stuart Chisholm's Walkabout * O'Keefe's Jig * Morrison's Jig.

Hornpipes: Barlinnie Highlander * Motley Crew * Boys Of Malin.

The 8th edition of the Glasgow Collection of Bagpipe Music by Robert Wallace.

This book first appeared in 1986 and to celebrate 30 years of continuous publication it has been re-issued once more by PP Publishing.

It contains many classic pipe tunes some are well known, but the settings have stood the test of time and have become standard.

Each tune is graded for difficulty: Grade 1 for the experienced player, Grade 2 for the advanced player and Grade 3 for the beginner.

Includes tunes index and difficulty rating and stories of the tunes.

Robert Wallace is one of Scotland's leading professional solo pipers/journalist.

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