Robert Wallace - Bagpipe Tutor 3 (Piobaireachd)

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(June 2016)

This tutor is a perfect introduction to Ceol Mor for beginners, and outlines all the required technique.

Piobaireachd, or ceol mor, is the classical music of the great Highland bagpipe.

Each tune comprises a theme, or ground, and variations on that theme, a form seen in other classical music.

These variations build in intricacy and difficulty as the music progresses, usually to a climax in the crunluath, the crowning movement.

The piper then completes the piece by playing part of the ground, or urlar, again.

Lesson 1 - Throw to E
Lesson 2 - Wee Spree 1
Lesson 3 - Wee Spree 2
Lesson 4 - The Crunluath
Lesson 5 - Wee Spree 3
Lesson 6 - Clan Campbell's Gath.1
Lesson 7 - Clan Campbell's Gath.2
Lesson 8 - Clan Campbell's Gath.3
Lesson 9 - Clan Campbell's Gath.4
Lesson 10 - History
Lesson 11 - Hiharin / Double Echo
Lesson 12 - Boat Tune 1
Lesson 13 - Boat Tune 2
Lesson 14 - Boat Tune 3
Lesson 15 - Boat Tune 4
Lesson 16 - Classification
Lesson 17 - Canntaireachd
Lesson 18 - Duncan MacRae 1
Lesson 19 - Duncan MacRae 2
Lesson 20 - Remaining Movements

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