Robert Wallace - Bagpipe Tutor (Introduction)

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Lesson 1 - Correct Finger Positions
Lesson 2 - Forming the Notes
Lesson 3 - Great Staff
Lesson 4 - Basic Scale
Lesson 5 - G Gracenotes
Lesson 6 - E & D Gracenotes
Lesson 7 - GDE Combination
Lesson 8 - Throw On D
Lesson 9 - Strikes
Lesson 10 - Amazing Grace
Lesson 11 - Doublings
Lesson 12 - Doublings Exercise
Lesson 13 - High Road To Gareloch
Lesson 14 - The Birl
Lesson 15 - Pulling Bracken
Lesson 16 - Grips & Taorluaths
Lesson 17 - Green Hills
Lesson 18 - Farquhar MacRae
Lesson 19 - Tachums
Lesson 20 - Other Movements

A concise yet comprehensive piping tutor book by top piper / teacher Robert Wallace for those who wish to play the great Highland Bagpipe.

The tutor takes the complete beginner through all the instruction and movements necessary to become a top class piper.

Each of the 20 lessons concentrates on a different aspect of bagpipe fingeringwork, with exercises designed to improve dexterity and to develop technique, with suggested metronome timings for their practice.

Each lesson has either a sound or video file to accompany it - so you can actually see or hear how to make the movements, not just read about them.

The videos are in high-definition on Vimeo and can be accessed or downloaded free of charge by going to the Piping Press website as shown below.

These are available free at (click on Tuition at top of home page).

On iPad click on the three short white lines on the top right of the screen and scroll down). The sound files are available on the same page via SoundCloud.

The full list of free multimedia is as follows:

Lesson 1 - placing the fingers on the chanter - video
Lesson 2 & 4 - forming the notes and playing rudimentary scales: one video for both lessons
Lesson 5 - a video on how to make G gracenotes and audio file on the ecercise that concludes the lesson/
Lesson 6 - videos on making D and E gracenotes and audio on the relevant exercises.
Lesson 7 - audio on the GDE combination
Lesson 8 - video on how to make the throw on D
Lesson 9 - video on how to make strikes and strike doubling
Lesson10 - video on how to play Amazing Grace
Lesson 11 - four videos on forming doublings
Lesson 12 - audio on the doublings exercises
Lesson 13 - two videos on how to play High Road to Gairloch
Lesson 14 - video on how to play the birl
Lesson 15 - audio on yout third tune Pulling Bracken
Lesson 16 - audio on rips and taorluaths
Lesson 17 - audio on our fourth tune, the Green Hills Of Tyrol
Lesson 18 - audio on our firth tune, Farquhar MacRae
Lesson 19 - audio lesson on the tachum
Lesson 20 - final audio covers all the remaining piping

"You are embarking on an honourable journey in learning one of the world's great musical instruments. Many hours of hard work lie before you, but once the summit of your endeavour is reached, a lifetime of pleasure awaits." Robert Wallace

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