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An excellent collection of pipe tunes from composer and piper John Drew.

John, who originally hails from Perthshire, is currently living in Glasgow. He graduated with a First Class Honours Degree having completed a BMus Performance degree at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2020.

This much-anticipated collection contains over 80 new compositions, including tunes played by Ur (The Future of Our Past), The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Traditional Music Ensemble, SIMMITRI, Inveraray & District Pipe Band and John Drew himself.

This collection aims to bring new tunes to the competition and folk music scenes. All tunes were composed and typeset by John Drew.



  • Freeland House
  • Compliments To The Teaching Of Willie McCallum
  • Climbing Schiehallion
  • The Glasgow Caledonian Fiddle Orchestra
  • Duncan Beattie
  • Wilson Brown Of Crieff
  • Dalhousie Court
  • Larry Lindsay
  • The Battle Of Hamel
  • Ceilidh For Callum
  • Cameron Whitelaw
  • Barony Hall
  • The Crieff Highland Games
  • Six Months Later
  • The Roses of Upper Inverroy
  • Cave D'U'nang


  • Lucky charm
  • MacRosty Park
  • Lunan Bay
  • A Dunblane Ceilidh
  • The Tower On Kinnoull Hill
  • Chateau Unang
  • Otago To McPhater
  • The Chimnea


  • Iain Lowther
  • Bee In The Ring
  • The Hamper
  • Well Dealt
  • Loose Ferruls
  • Magic Mead
  • On Mute
  • Stirring The Soup
  • Sniffy Stu
  • Brand New
  • Dallerie
  • Midnight Fancy
  • Homeward Bound
  • Watch My Toe!
  • The Green Fish
  • The Sesh Chest
  • High Bridge Walk
  • Tapawingo
  • Silver Sandy
  • Luthermuir
  • Colour Sergeant T. Lindsay
  • Anne Spalding

Complex Time Tunes

  • Daniel And Ian
  • Cloud 18
  • Mackerel Sky


  • Rooftop View
  • Red Castle
  • Lorenzo Asleep
  • The Rout At Bonnymuir
  • The Vineyards Of Unang


  • Tug Of War Disaster At Lochearnhead
  • Jock Elliot's Fancy
  • Spearshall Close
  • The Anderson Hornpipe
  • Big Al MacK
  • Callum Younger
  • The Hamilton Wonders
  • Connor's Debut
  • Danny, The Fridge Magnet
  • Callum's Charm


  • The Follow-On
  • The last Jigs
  • The Clean Cut
  • L A Kent
  • Compliments to Helen Urquhart
  • Under The Arch
  • A Jig Inspired by Duncan Johnstone
  • Clean Sweeping
  • The Falconer
  • The Lads Fae Wigan
  • Watering Vines
  • The Trip To Arbroath
  • Quartet Fever
  • Day 1 Assignment
  • The Dennistoun Jig Desolation
  • Darach Urquhart's Lunchtime Basement Visits
  • The Game Changer

"I first met John when he joined Inveraray and District Pipe Band and it was instantly evident that, despite his young years, he was very talented. Having already used some of John's compositions om the band, it came as no surprise to me that there are many gems in this extensive collection of music. A particular favourite of mine - Chateau Unang - which, although technically challenging, is a good free flowing strathspey. Additionally, there are some great tunes with unusual time signatures - Mackerel Sky and Cloud 18, the latter of which we play in the band and is a catchy, memorable piece. In all, there is enough material for all interests in the piping world, ranging from the more traditional style to the more adventurous. To John, I say congratulations on the publication of this fine book of his compositions and you, the musician, I sincerely hope you enjoy playing them."

Stuart Liddell (2020)

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