Matt McGinn - The Best Of Matt McGinn Vol 2 - The R.C.A. International Years

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(July 2017)

25 tracks: Take Me Back To The Jungle * With Fire and With Sword * Tony Capaldi * Cead Mile Failte * The Little Carpenter * The Wurrum and The Sparra * Hi Jack * Life is a Fountain * Have a Banana * The Man They Could Not Hang * Tell Me What The Tea Leaves Tell Me * On The Beach at Portobello * The Wee Kirkcudbright Centipede (Bonus Track) * Tinny Can On My Tail * The Gay Liberation * I’ve Packed Up My Bags * Skull and Crossbones * Lady Chat * Wi’ Jimmy Reid and Airlie * Troubled Waters in My Soul * Yes, Yes, U.C.S. * In A Neat Little Town * Rich Man’s Paradise * Get Up, Get Out * Ibrox Disaster.

A re-release featuring the humour, uncanny perceptiveness and rare talents of the late Matt McGinn

This compilation album was first released on licence by Greentrax Recordings in 2003.

They recently negotiated an extension of the licence with Sony Music and Greentrax are pleased to re-release the album on this the 40th Anniversary of Matt McGinn’s death.

Greentrax wish to acknowledge the assistant of Alex Osborne, Matt’s nephew, who was determined to see the album made available again, at the same time as the release of Matt McGinn ‘On The Road From Aldermaston’ (Transatlantic albums of 1966 to 1969) by Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.

Matt McGinn was a household name in Scotland and in folk circles throughout the world. He was a native of Gallowgate, one of Glasgow's less affluent areas, a bizarre part of the old town in whose tenement closes and back courts grew the seeds of his music, poetry, social observations and unique humour.

In the early 1950's Matt’s determination, natural gifts and vision made him a prominent figure in the contemporary Glasgow folk movement. His reputation spread to America where in 1962 he sang in a Carnegie Hall concert with Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger. Matt went on to be regarded as one of Britain’s most powerful folk writers with over 500 songs to his credit and as a performer of his inimitably potent songs he became one of Scotland's leading folksingers. Matt died on 5th January, 1977. He was only 48 years of age!

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