The Red Hot Chilli Pipers - Live At The Lake 2014 (CD)

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(November 2014)

CD 1: Insomnia: Insomnia / Jack Elliott's Favourite / The Dragons Lair * Gimme All Your Lovin': Gimme All Your Lovin / Tain In The Rain * Silver Spear * Thunderstruck: Highway To Hell * Sweet Child Of Mine / Smoke On The Water / Thunderstruck / Fourth Floor * Little Cascade * Everybody Dance Now: Gonna Make You Sweat / Davy Websters * Hellbound Train * Amazing Grace * Croftinloan Times : Bronni's Blue Brozzi / Donald Cameron's Powderhorn / Jimmy Wards * Just For Willie: Just For Willie / Kelsey's Wee Reel * Fix You: Fix You / Barbados Bells * Rory's Baravan: Rory MacLeod / Molly's Jig / The Famous Baravan.

CD 2: Chasing Cars * Wake Me Up * Low Rider: Low Rider / G-Man's Reel * Use Somebody * Long Way To The Top: Old Hag At The Churn / Steam Train To Mallaig / It's A Long Way To The Top * Don't Stop Believin': Don't Stop Believin' / The Jig Runrig * 100 Pipers * We Will Rock You: We Will Rock You / Eye Of The Tiger / The Clumsy Lover / Crazy In Love * Crooked Bridge * Bonus Track: Wake Me Up.

A sizzling double album recorded live by the shores of Lake Michigan at the Milwaukee Irish Fest, The Red Hot Chilli Pipers in action!

The last decade has seen The Red Hot Chilli Pipers become the most famous bagpipe band on the planet!

The band's achievements continues to grow, in demand for their infectious style of feel good music.

They appeal to people across the world with their groundbreaking fusion of traditional Scottish music and Rock/Pop Anthems.

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