The Ian Walker Band - We Come To Sing

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January 2023

18 Tracks: Hawks And Eagles Fly Like Doves (reprise) * We Come To Sing * The Man On The Moon * Sun * Will Ye Go Tae Flanders? * The Tide Full In * Home To Me (Is Anywhere You Are) * The Iron Workers' Song (The Upton Forge) * Dimming Of The Day * These Old Feet Still Walk The Walk * The Water Is Wide * Carry Your Dancing Down * Who Knows Where The Time Goes? * Buttercup Hill * Walking On Sunday * Rammy In The Glen * The Goodnight Song * Cripple Creek / Old Joe Clark / Grandad's Favourite.

A wide-ranging selection of songs showcasing the talents of singer-songwriter Ian Walker and his band.

Includes self-penned songs from Ian and other classics.

Ian is joined by a stellar cast of musicians.

The Band: Ian Walker (vocals, banjo, guitar, autoharp), Jimmy Scott (vocals, guitar), Moe Walker (vocals, Cobbler's Shoe (track 8).

Musicians: John Graham (fiddle, bass, mandolin, vocals track 17), Fraser Speirs (harmonica), Stevie Lawrence (percussion, whistle, jaw Harp, Scott Walker (Appalachian fiddle track 18), Alan Reid (piano, accordion, vocals track 1) Mary Reid (vocals track 17).

"I first sang in a folk club in the 1960s in The Glasgow Folk Centre. It was an exciting time to be around the folk scene and, 30 years later, it still is. After years of motley musical moments with albums, songbooks, plays, performances and collaborations, notably with Ian Bruce and Setanta, yet another turn on the road has emerged with this new collection of songs 'We Come To Sing'.
"The Ian Walker Band" (not my idea... I was outvoted!) has evolved at a gentle pace over the past few years. Our first album as a Band 'Just One More Chorus', was released in 2017. This new album has been delayed due to the Covid pandemic in 2020/21." Ian Walker 2023.

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