Peat And Diesel - Live At The Barrowlands 2020

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16 Tacks: Intro (Live) * Stornoway (Live) * Salt and Pepper (Live) * Say You Love Me (Live) * Loch Maree Islands (Live) * Co Leig a-mach Thu (Live) * Plate Full of Sgadan (Live) * Calum Dan's Transit Van (Live) * Brandy in the Airidh (Live) * Dirty Old Town (Live) * Heorna Mhor (Live) * Watchakapheep (Live) * Island (Live) * Western Isles (Live) * The Skye Locomotion (Live) * Country Boy (Live).

Peat And Diesel played at the famous Barrowlands Ballroom in Glasgow for the first time in January 2020.

This album highlights 'live' versions of their favourite tracks from their first 2 albums.

This CD the result of that special night when Peat And Diesel and fans got together!

Uilleam 'Uillyn MacLeod (drums), Innes 'G' Scott (Accordion, midi), Calum 'Boydie' MacLeod (guitar, vocals).

"Peat & Diesel - Live at the Barrowlands 2020 is an album that was recorded to capture the incredible sound of the crowd (not the band!) and the atmosphere they brought with them that special night. It is not in any way recorded with any fancy tools to sort any mistakes or nonsense, it's 100% raw, just the way Peat & Diesel wanted it." Peat & Diesel.

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