Capercaillie - Grace And Pride (The Anthology 2004-1984)

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(September 2004) 38 tracks (150 mins)

CD1 : Who Will Raise Their Voice? * Mile Marbhaisg * Homers Reel * Mo Chailin Dileas Donn * Rob Roy Reels * Tighinn Air * Hoireann O * The Snuff Wife Jigs * Breisleach live * Co No Mire Rium * Beautiful Wasteland * Am Mur Comr * Finlays * Clumhic Ille Mhicheil * Claire In Heaven * Ailein Duinn * Fear-Allabain * Eastern Reel.

CD2 : Stinging Rain * Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda * Miracle of Being * Bonaparte * Grace and Pride * Silver Spear Reels * Dean Cadalan / Servant to the Slave * Pige Ruidh * Waiting for the Wheels to Turn 12" * Dr Macphail's Reel * Coisich a Ruin 12" * Fisherman's Dream * Sidewaulk Reels * Fosgail and Dorus * Oh Mo Dhuthach * Calum's Road * Fear a'bhata * An Ribhinn Donn * The Little Cascade.

Double CD featuring music from Capercaillie's twenty year span. Classic tracks combine with previously unreleased material, long deleted tracks and rare recordings.

Capercaillie have been credited with being the major force in bringing Celtic music to the world stage, and their unique fusion of Gaelic culture and contemporary sound has always stretched boundaries in their quest to keep the music evolving.

Includes a twenty-page booklet.

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