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17 Tracks: Lorna's Reel/ Gemima / The Barrowburn Reel * Taylor's Joy / The Thomas Fraser Memorial Waltz * Garrykennedy Castle / The Swish-Swashin' Wisher-Washers / The Belfast Hornpipe * Lios Na Banriona * Howling At The Moon / Sunset Over Scariff / The Gortcommer Welcome * The Isles O' Gletness * Cadean's Jig / Neil And Eileen Donald / My Dungannon Sweetheart * Chaffpool Post / Belle Of The Ball * Farewell Tae Yell * Maudabawn Chapel / The Cameronian / The Dawn Hornpipe / The Shetland Fiddler * The Pink Panther Set: Morrison's Jig / Rosemary Jane / The Handsome Young Maidens * Last Orders / The Whale On The Bar / Miss Thornton * The Sands O' Murness / The Hawk * Du Picked A Fine Time Ta Faa-By Dastreen * Johnny Barton's Fiddle / Elma's Big Break / Capers In Culbokie * Walking With Angels * The Full Tilt Set: Cutting Bracken / The Ten-penny Bit / Auld Lang Syne / Bobby Crowe Of Balmullo / Dalby Kirke's Reel.

An exciting debut album from the recently formed folk band 'Full Tilt'.

Recorded live from venues all over Scotland during their winter tour 2019.

The album features 17 LIVE tracks from their shows.

A unique blend of sounds and styles from Shetland, Scotland Ireland and beyond.

Full Tilt is Manus McGuire (fiddle), Alan Small (accordion midi/bass), Brian Nicholson (guitar/vocals), Gemma Donald (fiddle).

"It was a welcome call on another bleak and lonesome day in 2020 when I got the message from Gemma asking me to write a little foreword for Full Tilt's new album. A much-needed breath of fresh air arrived in my inbox soon after!
Individually. the players in this band are of a very high pedigree and collectively they are easily more than the sum of their parts. Great tunes. well played is all I ever look for in an album and they are plentiful on this offering. The band are blessed with a far reaching stylistic breadth... old tines with a fresh approach and new compositions that sit so comfortably within the tradition.
There's something for everyone on the album... driving. lively sets sit alongside tender airs and waltzes. All of them played with fire, heart and soul.
Perfect for these times... perfect for all times. " Phill Cunningham.

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