Daimh - The Hebridean Sessions

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10 Tracks: Locheil's Away (quickstep and reels) * Dhannsamaid Le AIilean (port a beul and slip jig) * O Fair A-Nall Am Botal (oran/song) * Bog An Lochan (strathspey and reels) * Pattern Day Jigs (jigs) * Cuir A Nall (set of puirt a beul) * Gur E Mo Ghille Dubh Dhonn (oran/song) * Harris Dance (strathspey and reels) * Oran An Tombaca (oran/song) * Dunrobin (reels).

An excellent album of Traditional Gaelic and Highland Music recorded live in the Hebrides from Gaelic supergroup Daimh.

The group Daimh are based around West Lochaber and the Isle of Skye.

Formed around the turn of the century and taking the name from the Gaelic word for "kinship" Daimh (pronounced Dive) have taken their contemporary take of Highland and Gaelic music to over 20 countries, setting audiences alight from Moscow to San Francisco.

Recent accolades include last year's award for the "Best Folk Band in Europe" at the prestigious Folkherbst competition in Germany and a nomination for "Folk Band of the Year" at the Scottish Traditional Music Awards (to be announced in December).

Daimh: Angus MacKenzie (border pipes, whistles), Ellen MacDonald (vocals), Gabe McVarish (fiddle), Murdon Cameron (mandola, accordion), Ross Martin (guitar).

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