Calasaig - Making for the Shore

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(May 2000) 14 tracks: The Dancer / Philip Begg's Conundrum / John Murray's * My Son John / Miss Thompson * Farewell To Banavie / Dae You Love An Apple * My Home Town / The Crags Of Tumbledown * Sally Gardens * The Fourth Of July / Making For The Shore * Travelling West * Balshare * Farewell To Whisky * Ramsden's Rant / Laura Beaton's Reel / Cough Up The Donal * The Spanish Cloak / The Shepherd's Wife * Eine Kleine Nachtmusik / The Horn Concerto / Jimmy Wards / Out On The Ocean * How Can My Poor Heart * Avonhaugh.

Calasaig's second album features a variety of traditional and contemporary compositions played with a style and maturity which allows slow airs and up-tempo jigs to sit easily alongside self-penned ballads and their own interpretations of Burns.

Arrangements of Gow and MacLellan are further enhanced by the exquisite clarsach playing of guest Maggie Maclnnes. Calasai are Keith Easdale, Keith Johnston, Kirsten Easdale, Rod Morison and Celine Donaghue.

"From the first note you can feel the buzz, which just keeps on going... Entertaining and highly crafted" (The Scots Magazine)

"Quality Scots folk music... tasteful and laid back are the adjectives that come to mind" (Irish Music Magazine)

"Fine Celtic Music at its most stress free. Highly recommended." (Taplas)

"Sparkling sets of instrumental music... There's something here that will please almost any fan of good Scottish music." (Dirty Linen)

"A lovely mellow and intricate sound... There's plenty enough going on here to keep the listener's attention and to delight with its excellent quality and plentiful variety" (Folk On Tap)

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