Angus Smith And North 56 - One Day

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(November 2016)

13 Tracks: Solas * Tha Mi Seo * Anna Dannsa * One Day * Your Eyes * 40 Days * Shine * Blue Sky * Rubi's Reel * Orain Keira * Out In The Cold * An Tobar * I Am Here.

Angus and the band create an exciting and unique Celtic rock sound.

Angus Smith And North 56 formed in 2015, they are based in Oban, West Coast of Scotland ... 56 degrees north of the equator, hence the name!

The core five piece rock band is enhanced on the album by some of Scotland's finest traditional musicians.

The songs and instrumentals on this album are all original compositions, written by Angus.

Angus is an award winning singer and songwriter from Oban on the west coast of Scotland. His credits include - Mòd Gold Medalist 1998, best new Gaelic song for ‘Tha mi seo‘ and Calmac Culture Music 2016 finalist.

The songs in Gaelic and English speak of hope, of love, of our shared humanity and identity, with a spiritual longing evident in the lyrics.

The album was recorded by Finlay Wells at Nutshell Music, Oban. Mastered by Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering. Artwork, design and manufacture was arranged by Birnam CD, Dunkeld.

All songs music and lyrics by Angus Smith, *except tracks 1. ( A.Smith & S.Ashley ), 9. ( A.Smith / Trad ), 10. ( A.Smith & D.Pincock ).

Live Band - North 56: Angus Smith (vocals, guitar), Dave Hobbs (bass, backing vocals), Finlay MacDougal (guitar, backing vocals), Iain Coates (drums), Ewan MacDonald (keyboards).

Musicians: Angus Smith (vocals, guitars, backing vocals, keyboard), Finlay Wells (bass, mandolin, guitar(harmonics), keyboard, drum program), Dave Hobbs (bass), Iain Coates (drums and percussion), Ashley MacMillan (drums), Alasdair Robertson (piano and organ), Stuart Ashley (keyboards), Dougie Galbraith (keyboards), Michael Garvin (accordion), Joanie Garvin (ffiddle), Sileas Sinclair (accordion), Kathryn Wilkie (fiddle), Angus MacColl (highland bagpipes), Angus John MacColl (small pipes), Dougie Pincock (whistles), Elissa Conway (backing vocal), Children's voices(Gaelic speaking children from Oban and Appin).

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