The Court Of Equity - Chiefly In The Scottish Dialect vol 1 - The Songs And Poems Of Robert Burns

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(February 2013) 19 tracks: Killiecrankie * A Man's A Man (Excerpt Read By The First Minister, Alex Salmond) * A Man's A Man * John Anderson, My Jo * Address To The Toothache(Read By Wilson Ogilvie) * Ye Banks And Braes O Bonie Doon * Death And Doctor Hornbook (Excerpt Read By Stephen McConnachie) * Ye Jacobites By Name * Nithsdale's Welcome Hame (Read by Colin Hunter McQueen) * Instrumental: Parcel Of Rogues * Instrumental: Charlie, He's My Darling / Duncan Davidson / My Love, She's But A Lassie Yet) * To A Louse (Read By Ken Simpson) * Ca' The Yowes * Yestreen I Had A Pint 0 Wine (Read By Eliza Jane Brown) * Ae Fond Kiss * The Weary Pund O Tow (Read By Archie Comrie) * Ay Waukin O * McPherson's Farewell * Letter From Burns To Peter Hill (Excerpt Read By David Murray).

A celebration of the works of Robert Burns from the ensemble 'The Court of Equity'.

The Court of Equity are a developing group within one of Scotland’s leading folk rock bands, The Picts.

Formed by Douglas McQueen Hunter, Grant MacConnell and Jeremy Stirling in 2006, their aim is to focus mainly on the works of Robert Burns and other well known traditional and original music and songs.

They have released a long awaited first volume of the songs and poems of Scotland's Bard, Robert Burns, with a second to follow.

The band’s unique musical style and interpretation of the works of the poet give a lasting impression of their increasing versatility and they hope it will create a new interest in the works, life and influence of Burns.

The album contains contributions from many leading lights in the Robert Burns world, including a performance from the First Minister, Alex Salmond.

Douglas McQueen Hunter (vocals, guitar, mandolin, bodhran, percussion), Jeremy Sirling (piano, keyboards), Grant McConnell (accordion), David Murray (Highland bagpipes, small pipes, whistles, harmonica), Neil McDonald (drums , percussion), Greg Friel (programming, string arrangements, bass guitar, guitar, percussion). Guest singer Victoria Graham.

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