The Court Of Equity - Chiefly In The Scottish Dialect - The Songs And Poems Of Robert Burns Vol 2

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(February 2014)

20 Tracks: The Deil's Awa Wi Th’ Exciseman * A Red, Red Rose * O, Were I On Parnassus Hill( Read by David Scott) * Of A' The Airts The Wind Can Blaw * To A Mouse (Read by Alex McI. D. Kelly) * Rattlin Roarin Willie * Instrumental: Duncan Gray / Corn Rigs * Epistle To Davie, A Brother Poet (Excerpt read by Iain Doole) * It Was A For Our Rightfu' King * The Lass O Ballochmyle (Read by Jim Bowes) * A Rosebud By My Early Walk * Instrumental: Beware O Bonie Anne / Lady Mary Ann * The Ronalds Of The Bennals (Read by Jim Thompson) * The Silver Tassie * Winter (Read by Gordon Johnston) * There’ll Never Be Peace Till Jamie Comes Hame * Parcel Of Rogues (read by David Scott) * Tibbie Fowler * The Lea-rig * Excerpt read by David Murray.

A second volume in celebration of the works of Robert Burns from the ensemble The Court of Equity.

The Court of Equity are a developing group within one of Scotland's leading folk rock bands 'The Picts', formed by Douglas McQueen Hunter, Grant MacConnell and Jeremy Stirling in 2006.

Featuring the voices of Dougie Hunter and Victoria Graham and a variety of instruments.

Drawing on more than twenty years of experience in the Scottish music industry, 'The Court of Equity' incorporate descriptions, tales and original musical arrangements to the songs and music of Robert Burns.

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