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The second collection of original compositions from one of Scotland's finest traditional musicians and composers Ross Ainslie.

A multi-instrumentalist Ross is renowned for his highly acclaimed solo material and as a skilled performer and prolific collaborator.

"This collection of original material includes tunes from my solo albums Remembering, Sanctuary, Vana, albums Symbiosis and Symbiosis!! with Ali Hutton and a lot of commissions from over the years." Ross Ainslie.

"Over the last 100 years, the Great Highland Bagpipe has had its great innovators. Willie Lawrie, GS McLennan and Willie Ross were not only incredible players but they were inventive tunesmiths that carried the tradition through the first half of the 20th Century.

Donald MacLeod would follow, an inspiration to the great pipers of the time and since, Gordon Duncan and Allan MacDonald picked up this mantle of innovation and moved the tradition more than ever before, composing incredible melodies with natural and breathtaking dexterity.

Ross Ainslie is their natural successor. A true innovator who, like those who have gone before, breaks down walls and pushes boundaries of what can be achieved on this great instrument. Ross does all of this with rock 'n roll swagger. As comfortable playing whistles and cittern as the Highland bagpipes, he has a deep love and knowledge of music which has over the years embraced roots and traditions from around the world. You hear it all in his music. It is a myriad of colour that speaks of a life spent travelling the world, listening and learning.

This wonderful collection of his music is testament to that life and to his innovative genius." Duncan Chisholm.

 Ross showcases tunes featured in Homemade Tunes 2 Book.

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