Leabhar A' Phiana - Simple Gaelic Tunes For The Piano

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A delightful selection of tunes for piano (or keyboard) taken from the Gaelic song repertoire of the Scottish Highlands.

Over 50 Gaelic tunes suitable from beginner stage (playing for about six months) to intermediate level, arranged by Mairi M Strachan.

It is ideal for all ages due to the varied selection of melodies.

A great resource for use at local or national Mods, concerts and Festivals and for pupils learning piano in a Gaelic medium environment.

Each tune has its original Gaelic title and a translated title.

Contents: A Bhanarach Chaoin / The Gentle Milkmaid * A Bh. Ph. Nic Leòid à Ratharsaidh / Mrs Macleod Of Raasay * A Ghaoil Leig Dhachaidh Gum Mhàthair Mi / Darling, Let me Home To My Mother * A Mhorag Nighean Dhòmhnaill Dhuinn / Morag, Daughter Of Brown Donald * An Gille Crùbach Anns A' Ghleann / The Lame Lad In The Glen * An Seàirdeant Gasta Bàn / Dashing White Sergeant * An Teid Thu Leam, A Mhairi? / Will You Go With Me, Mary? * Aonghas Mac Leòid / Angus MacLeod * Bìrlinn Ghoraidh Chròbhain / Gorry Crobhan's Galley * Bodachan A' Mhìrein / The Merry Old Man * Buain Nan Dearcan / Gathering Berries * Caisteal Dhùn Robain / Dunrobin Castle * Ceòl A' Bhodaich / The Carle's Delight * Chan eil Mo Leannan Ann An Seo / My Sweetheart's Not Here * Chuir Iad Mise dh’Eilean Leam Fhèin / They Put Me On An Island By Myself * Chuirinn Air A' Phìop E / I Would Play It On The Pipes * Comar Nan Uisgeachan / The Meeting Of The Waters * Còta Geàrr Sgiobalta / A Neat, Cut Coat * Dannsa Hearach / Harris Dance * Dannsa Sgitheanach / Skye Dance * Eilean Ì / The Isle Of Iona * Eilidh Nic Fhionghainn Na h-Àirde / Eilidh MacKinnon Of Aird * Fàgail Bharraigh / Leaving Barra * Fear An Dùin Mhòir / Lord Dunmore's Jig * Gabhaidh Sinn An Rathad Mòr / We'll Take The High Road * Gaidheil Obar Charnaig / Abercairney's Highlanders * Gaol Mo Chrìdh'-sa, Màiri Bhàn / Mairi's Wedding * Gille Beag Ò / Wee Lad * Gludaranaich / Gurgling * Hai-o na h-Eiregan / Hey, Ho The Pullets * Hè Mo Leannan / Hey, My Sweetheart * Ho Ro Shiùbhlainn Fada / Horo I Would Travel Far * Ì Bhì Ada * Illean Bithibh Sunndach / Boys, Be Of Good Cheer * Làrach do Thacaidean / The Site Of Your Tacks * Lasair Mòna / The Peat Fire Flame * Mìle Mharbhaisg Air A' Ghaol / A Thousand Curses On Love * Mo Chuachag Laghach / My Nice Young Girl * Mo Nighean Donn Bhòidheach / My Brown Haired Maiden * Nan Amadan, Nan Amadan A Bha Mi Riamh / I Was Ever An Idiot * Nighean Bhàn A' Mhùileir / The Miller's Daughter * O Teannaibh Dlùth / O Gather Close * Seinn O Churadail * 'S Fliuch An Oidhche / Tis Wet The Nigh * 'S Gann Gun Dìrich Mi Chaoidh / It's Not Likely I Will Ever Climb * 'S Iomadh Rud Tha Dhìth Orm / There's Many A Thing I Lack * Siorram Sìos / Sheriff Down * Siuthadaibh 'Illean, Gabhaibh Am Port / Come, Boys, Give Us A Tune * Siud Mar Chaidh An Càl A Dholaidh / The Spoiling Of The Kale * Slaighdearan Mhala / Rakes Of Mallow * Stad A Mhàiri Bhanarach / Stop Mary The Milkmaid * 'S Trusaidh Mi Na Coilleagan / The Cockle Gatherers * Sùilean Dubha / Dark Eyes * Toiseach A’ Mhàigh / The First Of May.

"I have been teaching piano for many years now, here in Skye, and in that time I have noticed how well my pupils take to arrangements of Gaelic and Highland tunes, especially those who have been educated through the medium of Gaelic. There is such a rich culture here that not to use it in the teaching of music would be a travesty." Mairi M Strachan.

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