William Boyle - Bagpipe Virtuoso

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10 Tracks: 6/8 Marches: Monte Catarelto / Redford Cottage * Strathspeys And Reels: Arniston Castle / The Cameronian Rant / Mrs MacPherson Of Inveran / Alex Cameron / Champion Piper * Hornpipes: Betty Boyle / Crossing The Minch / Tam Bain's Lum * Gaelic Air And Jigs: Thug Mi Gaol / Paddy O' Rafferty / Maid On The Green / The Loch Ness Monster * 2/4 Marches: The 25th K.O.S.B's Farewell To Meerut / The 8th Argylls * 2/4 Marches: The Braes Of Brecklet / Mrs John MacColl * March, Strathspey And Reel: Stirling Castle / Aspen Bank / The Smith's A Gallant Fireman / The Rose Among The Heather / The Ferryman / Sleepy Maggie / Pigeon On The Gate/ The Farmer's Daughter / The Kilt Is My Delight / The High Road To Linton * Jigs: The Biddy From Sligo / Jig Of Slurs / Donald MacLennan's Exercise * March, Strathspey And Reel : Inveran / The Caledonian Society Of London / The Little Cascade * 6/8 Marches: Dovecote Park, Donald MacLean Of Lewis.

A solo album from legendary piper the late great William Boyle.

Recognised as one of the best pipers in the world for his musicianship and technique.

The Historic 'Master Records' recordings from New Zealand.

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