The Susie Simpson Trio - Our Favourite Accordion And Fiddle Club Sets

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18 Tracks: 4/4 Marches: The Sands Of Loch Bee / Jennifer's March To Ockle * 2/4 Marches: Willie's Brogues / Brian Bell * Medley: Dr James Donaldson / Mangister Voe / Da Sooth End / Karen And Duncan's Wedding / Pottinger's Reel * Irish Waltzes: Shawl Of Galway Grey / Sweet Rosie O'Grady / How Can You Buy Kilarney? / Dublin Bay * Twostep: Standard Of The Gael * March: Celebration March * Slow Air: Christchurch Cathedral * Medley: Watchman's Polka / The Dearness Twostep * Quicksteps: Whispering / Sweet Georgia Brown / Lady Be Good * 6/8 Marches: Marie MacLean's Wedding March / Jeannie King * Slow Waltz: Rymen Waltz * Jigs: Grangeloan / Martin Stewart /Burravoe / Alastair MacLeod's Reel * 4/4 Marches: Paul Martin's March / Alexander Hughes / Edenkillie Church * 2/4 Marches: Kiwi Pipers / Craic At Clashmore Hall * Waltzes: Victoria's Waltz / Sharron Colvin's Waltz * Twosteps: Hello / I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside / It's Nice To Get Up In The Morning / Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo / Blaydon Races * Medley: Brig O' Blair / MacAuley's Of Benbecula / The Auld Fiddler * Reels: Hey Ho My Bonnie Lass / Marie Pottinger's / Far Fae Hame / Mrs Norma Keigan / Mr And Mrs McShane Of Houston.

The last in a series of three CD releases from The Susie Simpson Trio.

A selection of favourite tunes sets when they play for Accordion and Fiddle Clubs.

Recorded in Inverness 18th August 2019.

Susie Simpson (lead accordion), Jock Fraser (second accordion), Gillian Stevenson (fiddle

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