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(June 2019)

13 Tracks: Oran Bagraidh * Mouthmusic * Pais Dinogad * Uryen Erechwydd Part A * Beannacht Uaim Siar * Laoi Na Seilge * Josie and Conor * Ardchattan Bliss * Lord Gregory * Morning Of Blood * Clontarf * Uryen Erechwydd Part B * Air Cnoc Bharr Sguab.

Vocalists and musicians from across the UK and Ireland collaborated during a residency in Barscobe house in Galloway in September 2018.

This created work was inspired by Oran Bagraidh, a medieval song believed to be the only surviving example of Galloway Gaelic, a distinct dialect spoken across South West Scotland for many hundreds of years until the 18th century.

Galloway was a linguistically diverse area of Scotland and in medieval times early Welsh, old English, and Norse were spoken alongside Gaelic.

The multi-lingual collaboration sees Scottish Gaelic, Irish, Welsh, English and Scots vocals alongside northern triplepipes and lyres, electronics, shimmering soundscapes and traditional instruments, juxtaposing the ancient with the very latest technology.

Composed and performed by Josie Duncan, Gwyneth Glyn, Lorcain MaMathuna, Doimnic Mac, Glolla Bhride, Bragod, Barnaby Brown, Rody Gorman, MacGillvray, Conor Caldwell.

Comes in a beautifully designed, plastic free, photographic booklet and hard back case containing all lyrics, translations and background on each of the tracks.

"an engaging album that mixes tradition and innovation in a dramatic way" fRoots playlist album choice

"fascinating, haunting." Scotsman.

"a highly eclectic album, from avant grade experimentalism to traditional ballads spanning over a millenium." Songlines

"Whether speaking, singing a cappella and/or in choral and harmonic combinations, the passionate expression of the several languages by diverse artists with outstanding vocal skills is beguiling and at times intensely beautiful." Shire Folk.

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