Bryce Johnstone - Sook 'n' Blaw

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(May 2013) 18 tracks: Polka: Patchwork Polka * Waltz: Dolphin Waltz * Marches: Carol Anderson / Horsbrugh Castle / Grand Slam * Slow Air: The Flower Of Portencross * Jigs: Ian Holmes' Compliments To Jimmy Shand / Charlie Hunter / Miss Jeanette Paterson's Jig * 2/4 Marches : Ian Thomson's Farewell To The Fife Police / Compliments To Willie Laird * Waltz: Topsy Waltz * Polkas: Royal Scots Polka / Old Toastie * Slow Air: Holacombe Brake * Jigs: Banjo Breakdown / Paddy's Leather Breeches * Strathspeys: Taiyuan / Learig / Sarona * 2/4 And 6/8 Marches: Atholl And Breadalbane Gathering / Lady Dorothea Stewart Murray's Wedding March * Slow Air: An Air For Bryce * Waltzes: Finskavalsen / Dragspelvalsen * Polka: Maggie Watson's Farewell To Blackhammer * 4/4 Marches: The Children / Eden Court / Jimmy Spankie * Waltz: Jim And Mary Cook's Golden Wedding * Reels: Maxwell's Rant / Lass O' Gowrie / Maryhill. Highlanders / Greendykes.

A mix of traditional tunes and more recent compositions from one of Scotlands finest moothie players.

His artistic quality and technical virtuosity shines through.

Bryce is joined by Bill Ewan on piano for a great selection of tunes jigs,reels marches, polka and waltzes, expressive playing.

Bryce Johnstone (harmonica), Bill Ewan (keyboard).

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