The Strunts - Too Much Of Everything

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(August 2020)

10 Tracks: Blood And Bandages * Everything On Gold * Alien In Slovenia * Everything Is Wasted * End In Tears * Like Minds * Weaver's Bay * Ranches And Mansions * Too Much Of Everthing * The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth.

A debut album from duo David Fee and Les Oman together they formed 'The Strunts'.

They are stalwarts of the Kintyre music and songwriting scene.

All the songs were written by David Fee and Les Oman.

Sleeve notes include song lyrics.

David Fee (guitar, lead and harmony vocals), Les Oman (bouzouki, lead vocals (Like Minds), harmony vocals, guitar, keys, mandolin, Seagull Merlin), Mark Leishman (drums, percussion), Alex Johnson (double bass, banjo, moothie (Blood & Bandages), double Bass (Weaver's Bay),Alison Leith (vocals (Alien In Slovenia), Anne Leith (harmony vocals (Alien In Slovenia, Ranches And Mansions, End In Tears, The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth), Sam Hales (electric guitar, bass, everything else).

"Describing themselves as "post-truth, alt-folk", the music has an acoustic feel (based around David's guitar and Les' bouzouki) but with various other flavours thrown into the mix in a haphazard but pleasing manner. The songs invoke a wide range of emotions including anger, regret and surprise but if you dig deep enough you will find that it is all infused with a rich seam of dark humour. " Martin Hadden, Birnam.

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