Rab Noakes - I'm Walkin' Here

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(November 2015)

CD 1: 12 Tracks - Slippin' Away * Out Of Your Sight * I'm Walkin' Here * It Happened All The Same * One Dog Barks * A Little Time Left * No More Time * Out Of The Blue * Believing Is Seeing * Where Dead Voices Gather * (Don't Say) Money Doesn't Matter * Two Days In May.

CD2: 14 Tracks - Buttons And Bows * Don't Act Like Your Heart Isn't Hard * All In Down And Out Blues * Travellin' Light * . Goodbye Booze * Your Clear White Light * The Guernsey Kitchen Porter * That's The Way The Whole Thing Ends * Moonlight And Gold (version two) * Goodbye * Freight Train * Only Happy When It Rains * The Two Sisters * Bye Bye Blackbird.

An eagerly anticipated double album from prolific songwriter and hugely popular performer Rab Noakes.

This latest album was produced by John Cavanagh's and recorded mostly live in the Muirend studio and features an interesting collection of musicians and singers.

Includes Rab's own compositions which showcase his gift for melody and love of Americana.

Musicians: Stuart Brown (drums, percussion), John Kavanagh (handclaps), Harry Hussey (accordion), Ula Kinderyte (violin), Jill Jackson (guitar), Jimmie Macgregor (guitar), Jim McEwan (electric piano), Una McGlone (bass), Richard Merchant (cornet), Rab Noakes ( guitars, handclaps), Emma Roche (flute, piccolo).

Singers: Hilary Brooks, Barbara Dickson, Roddy Hart, Jill Jackson, Jimmie Macgregor, Alice Marra, Rab Noakes, Emma Pollock.

"Rab Noakes is unique. He's a Scottish singer-songwriter, guitarist and music historian who can switch effortlessly between pop and folk, and has worked with everyone from Gerry Rafferty (with whom he co-founded Stealers Wheel) to Barbara Dickson. And he's still in remarkable form, as this double album of his "21st-century skiffle" proves...The second album is dominated by "interpretations" (he hates the word covers) of songs from early Cliff Richard to Garbage and Beck, along with the skiffle standard Freight Train, on which he's joined by Jimmy MacGregor and a finely sung treatment of the traditional The Two Sisters. Magnificent." Robin Denselow,The Guardian.

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