Queen Anne's Revenge - Just One Umbrella

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(July 2008) 17 tracks: Just One Umbrella * Here We Go Again * They're Playing Our Song * The Note * He's Broken Everything * A Son Of The Circus * Blizzard In A Glass Paperweight * Just Me And You * When Harry Met Charlie * Cut Me Off * Carraig Fhada * The Point Of No return * Black And Blue * Nothing But Time On Her Hands * What Is The World Coming Too? * Let Them Fall * The Boys That Fly.

Just One Umbrella is the second CD from Queen Anne's Revenge and features new material from the songwriting partnership of Findlay Napier and Nick Turner.

Their trade mark idiosyncratic themes, unfettered by the usual band politics, range from an incorrectly sexed tortoise (When Harry met Charlie), to domestic violence (Black and Blue) and over-requited love (Cut Me Off).

Originally started as a purely writing project, the songs have now been carried into the concert hall by Findlay's new band The Bar Room Mountaineers.

Featuring Paul Jennings (Old Blind Dogs/ Croft No 5) on drums, Duncan Lyall (Box Club/ Fred Morrison) on electric and upright bass, Douglas Miller (The Bar Room Mountaineers) on piano/harmonium and organ, with contributions from Rick Taylor and Tom MacNiven (brass), Gillian Frame (fiddle, backing vocals), and Mary Ann Kennedy (clarsach).

"[Findlay's] overall stylistic palette, and that of the band's arrangements, took in elements of folk, rock, pop, country and even a touch of jazz, united by a voice whose rugged, vibrant, superbly commanding accents remain entirely his own."

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