Jim Hunter, Jim Michie and Chris Pritchard (MPH) - Coastlines

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(December 2008) : Sweeter Side * One Minute * Canada Girl * Emergency Telephone * Faultlines * Sailing Home * Ghosts Of Men * If Ever You Fall * The Hardest Thing * Let The Hunger Linger * Pago Pago * Singing Sands.

Jim Hunter, Jim Michie and Chris Pritchard (MPH) have produced an album of original material showcasing the band's diverse songwriting and instrumental talents, from good ol' rock and roll through to haunting folk ballads.

The trio hail from the small but perfectly formed metropolis of Lochailort in the West Highlands of Scotland - the MPH sound will evoke the spirit of the West Coast and leave you with a warm glow and a smile on your face.

Guests on the album are Jim Hunter Band veterans Graham Flett (bass) and Jamie Ash (drums) with Zoe Killcross (piano), Iain MacMaster (accordion) and John Sinclair (keyboards).

Jim Hunter is the backbone of MPH, with over thirty years at the coalface as a singer, songwriter and guitarist. His beautifully crafted songs and slide guitar virtuosity have been heard on stage, film, TV and radio and he has toured with Little Feat, Runrig, The Waterboys, Wolfstone, Battlefield Band and The Rankin Family amongst many others.

Jim Michie is the musical engine room of the group. A guitarist of long standing, he provides driving rhythms, intricate finger picking and a distinctive vocals. Over the years Jim has worked extensively with some of Scotland’s finest traditional musicians both on stage and in the studio, whilst appearing regularly in various forms of the Jim Hunter Band.

Chris Pritchard, the youngster of the group, is fast earning the respect of his peers as a versatile and accomplished guitarist as well as a gifted songwriter in his own right. His clear, high harmonies and soulful lead vocals have made a vital contribution to the timeless and original quality of the MPH sound.

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