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(April 2017)

12 Tracks: The Half Century Set * Bean Phaidin * Five Drunken Landlady's * Heart In Hand * Molly Ban * Johnny Doherty's * Cairndaisy * Felix The Soldier * Sean Keane's * Wild Roving * As Good As It Gets * Mickey Doherty's / Gan Ainm.

Two years after their live debut, Andy Irvine, Dónal Lunny, Paddy Glackin, Mike McGoldrick and John Doyle release their first Usher's Island recording.

This highly anticipated debut album features five of the most influential and acclaimed names in Traditional Irish music.

The music combines the excitement of the 1970's traditional Irish groups with a modern sensibility informed by a range of influences. There are lively sets of traditional tunes and traditional songs given a fresh twist.

The resultant self-titled album is imbued with the musical history, both of the place where it was recorded (Mike McGoldrick's recently acquired cottage in Co. Galway) and of the five celebrated members of Usher’s Island.

Their debut exceeds the expectations that inevitably accompany musicians of this calibre joining forces.

"These men are capable of creating a spark." Rob Adams, Glasgow Herald.

"One of the most memorable sets of songs and tunes I've had the privilege to hear." Johnny Whalley, Folkradio UK.

"A simply masterly and unique meeting of instrumentalists." St Patrick's Festival Dublin.

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