Andy Martyn - Will We Give It A Go?

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14 Tracks: The Yokiebus (Reels) * Something Understood (Reels) * Lament Of The Three Marys (Air) * Mixolydian Giants (Reels) * Deantoir Aisling (Dream Maker (Air) * The Ballygawley Barndance * The Light Of Home * Settle Out Of Court * The Michael Hynes Pastiche! (Hornpipe) * Danny's Grove (Air) * Sunday Morning Hornpipes (Hornpipes) * Among The Roses (Jigs) * Lament For Oliver Goldsmith (Air) * The Blackthorn (Reels).

A debut album from Andy Martyn, renowned London Irish virtuoso of the button accordion.

The album brings together a mix of Andy's own compositions and unique interpretation of Irish airs and traditional tunes in collaboration with a stellar cast of musicians.

His distinctive style and mix of music are heavily influenced by his East Galway roots, he grew up playing with the best of Irish traditional musicians of his and older generations.

The recording includes the release of three of his previously unpublished compositions, Dream Maker (an air composed for the late Brendan Mulkere), The Light of Home and The Ballygawley Barndance, and the world première recording of Good Man Noel by legendary Leitrim fiddler Brian Rooney.

Musicians: Kevin Boyle (piano track1), John Carty (banjo tracks 2,6,9,12,14, fiddle track 6), Elaine Conwell (fiddle track 8), Gerry Diver (banjo track 13, bass track 7, mandolin track 7, piano tracks 5,7,10,13, washboard & stomp track 7, cittern & hammered dulcimer track 10), Sinead Egan (guitar tracks 1,4,10), Matt Griffin (guitars tracks 2,6,8,9,11,12,14), Trevor Hutchinson (double bass tracks 8,9), Gino Lupari (bodhran tracks 4,6,8,12,14,bonus track 12), Michael McGoldrick (snare drum tracks 8,9), Barney Morse-Brown (cello tracks 5,8,10,13), Tad Sargent (bouzouki tracks 4,7,12, bodhran tracks 7,12).

"This is an outstanding CD with beautiful playing and variety that will be played all over the world for years and years. I think all traditional music lovers will agree this is a special recording."Brian Rooney, ‘The Godfather’.

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