Sgoil Chiuil na Gaidhealtachd - Back On The Road

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17 Tracks: The Forester * The Roaring Bubbleman * The Bonnie Lass O' Fyvie * Hermless * Ho Ro Gun Togainn * A Chailin Alainn * Malcolm's New Calf * Alfie's Shaalds * Bat An Tailleir * Smirisary * Larry's Last March * The Wind And Rain * Bi Falbh O'n Uinneig * The East Street Reels * Fagail Dhuneidinn * The Turbo Drive * M'eudail air do Shuilean Donna.

12 Tracks: Willie and Roddy's Thundery Night * Gun Eirich Sinn Fhathast * The Midlothian Mining Song * The Iron Man's Wig * Dh'eirich Mi Moch Madainn Cheitean * Ronseal * Nigheanag A' Chota Bhuidhe * The Old Reels * Dr Flora And Kenny * Tha Mo Ghaol Air Aird A Chuain * This Is Our Cottage * Farewell To Nigg.

'Back On The Road' is the 23rd annual CD from the students of the National Centre of Excellence in Traditional Music.

The talented students featured on this album are:
Emily Armstrong (piano, shruti box), Angus Gilpin (guitar, accordion), Kirsty McInnes (vocals, whistle), Isabel MacLean (clarsach, double bass, vocals), Arabella Rennie (vocals, piano, fiddle), Orin Simpson (flute, piano, accordion, whistle), Cody Thomson (accordion, vocals), Lucy Livingstone (piano, fiddle), Maili MacKenzie (fiddle), Owen Stark (drums, Highland pipes, whistle), Giacomo Cecchini-Fraser (guitar, small pipes, Highland pipes, Border pipes), Niamh Mercer (vocal, fiddle), Izzy Sommerville (clarsach, vocals), Freya Larsen-Dillon (whistle, small pipes).

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